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Rustom Crosses 120 Crore After Third Weekend

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Rustom has grossed 120 crore nett after its third weekend as it added around 5.75 crore nett in its third weekend. The trend of the film is better than last week with a drop of around 66%. The GROSS collections of the film stand at 167.4 crore which takes it the second highest grosser of the year after Sultan. airlift which was the best before Rustom grossed 166.03 crore. The GROSS figure is the amount collected at the ticket window while the NETT figure is GROSS minus entertainment tax. Airlift was tax free in Delhi /UP from week two which meant it collected less entertainment tax giving it a higher NETT ratio. The Nett collection of Rustom will go ahead of Airlift in the fourth week. The film is looking at a 125 crore nett finish which would make it the 22nd highest Nett grosser of all time. The business of Rustom till date is as follows.
First Week - 89,35,00,000
Second Week - 25,25,00,000
Friday - 1,25,00,000
Saturday - 2,00,00,000
Sunday - 2,50,00,000
Third Weekend - 5,75,00,000
GRAND TOTAL - 1,20,35,00,000 apprx
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All the 3 Akki movies are 100cr grossers. While our global queen is struggling to surpass 80cr mark. Hence, Akki>>>>> global queen (current standing).

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