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Pathaan (Hindi) worldwide total went to 989 crore in thirty five days as it will become the first film to reach 1000 crore in its original format and language. This is just not for Hindi films but for any film in India as not film has even got close to 1000 crore in its original format.

The overseas numbers look like finishing at at around $47.50 million which should be around 390 crore and the Gross numbers should go to around 620 crore which will mean 1010 crore worldwide finish for the film in Hindi and around 1030 crore in all formats. The overseas benchmarks will take some beating though in India there is still higher potential in many circuits. The collections of Pathaan worldwide are as followPathaan (Hindi)

India - 605 crore (503 crore nett)
Overseas - 384 crore ($46.85 million)

TOTAL (35 Days) - 989 crore (ALL TIME RECORD) (Bahubali - The Conclusion 802 cr, Dangal - 702 cr)

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Great it ll pass the 1000 Cr even by BOI !

The numbers in India can improve by a big margin if a film connect big across all the territories.

The overseas numbers will improve with next SRK films (especially Dunki). And if Pakistan comme abroad again, the numbers could get crazy...
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It's proven that agar koi sabse bada hai to wo Shah Rukh Khan hai..... As SRK himself said, ab to duniya maanti hai.
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Surely beatable.. if in today's time if a tiger Or dunki gets acceptance like dangal then it will get 10-20℅ times more footfalls. Domestic itself can go towards 800+ .. So congrats to bhai fans and yessirkeeens. 
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