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I dont want any south movie to work in Hindi unless they dont support Bollywood..... Pathaan will be ATG in span of 2 days by dethroning Bahubali 2 and i want all bollywood movies to work bigtime so that industry remains intact with bollywood
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Masses are addicted to South films on TV. We should be seeing more bollywood films but we get dubbed films, why? Because people see it. 
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I am nostalgic of the old bollywood movies but i know that the taste have changed and the youth in mass centers are saddly more addicted now to the south style films. And that's why there is all these remakes of south films.

One thing is sure, if a bollywood film strike the right notes it will work big time. Tiger 3 will work and will be a BB, KKBKKJ i doubt. It will take initials for sure but after...
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