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Considering the hype and euphoria..will Kabali break Baahubali opening day record in India..??

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  1. Baahubali Dont Have Opening Record.
  2. Kabali Will Not Cross Baahubali

Baahubali Day One Is ₹42cr Nett & ₹50cr Gross Which Includes Benefit Shows And Fixed Hires. If Benefit Shows Are Being Added We May Place Chennai Express Ahead Of Baahubali At ₹51cr Gross (Including Paid Previews). HNY Day One Gross Is ₹52.5cr While PRDP Is ₹54cr & Sultan At ₹51cr.

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Maybe in footfalls. Collections may or may not. Kabali's main audience state Tamil Nadu has max ticket price of 120 rupees (even though tickets are being sold in black for thousands), while Baahubali's states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have no such restrictions. Then north collections and overseas collections will have to be higher than Baahubali to make up the difference.

At any rate it is guaranteed to be atleast second highest. With Rajni films there is no way of predicting how big the film will be.

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why so much hype? where were those people during lingaa released?how it became flop?


Lingaa was the biggest opener when it released. But the content was bad so it didn't sustain and flopped. Rajni's films will always get the biggest opening, but sustaining depends on content. Lingaa was the highest grossing film of the year but it was sold for such high prices it was a flop.


Lingaa's opening is still the 2nd highest . It collected around 22 cr Nett in India. And worldwide 37 cr. It was all time record opening worldwide and in India too before Baahubali.
It did around 102 cr NETT in India and worldwide 148 cr with a share of 79 cr.
These numbers are BLOCKBUSTER numbers BUT due to huge prices it was tearmed as Flop/Disaster.
Like for PRDP 193 cr was Blockbuster number but it was just HIT due to cost.
Same was Lingaa. Numbers were Blockbusters but failed due to Heavy Price tag.


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