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What is comparison method of revealing BO figures by BOI which other trade sites mentioned some days back regarding K3 collection??

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There is no such method as Indicine wrote.Indicine is managed by some amateurs(same with koimoi),those people have no clue about anything.Only NAUSIKHIAS think those sites editors are good.At least 10 users in this forum hv more knowledge than them.

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See there is no method for sites which gives the producer figures but for those who give there own figures (mainly boi as addatoday is foolish one) use to collect the data from 700-1000 cinemas and then on bases average of that data they estimate the collection of a whole are in limited range and the range is set by them only as it can be city, town and sometime territory itself.
And I felt that in this method chances of error becomes lot. As the variation will increase with every new screen and theatre adding. Hence the difference in case of small releases (a 2000 screen release) is very less to nil but big when a movie release on more than 2500 screen and too huge when movie like K3 releases on 4100 screens.

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do u think that this news about BOI is true??
Yes, I do!


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