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If CE and K3 clashed on this Diwali ,What would be their final lifetime collections?

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K3 would have been badly affected at plexes so CE175cr and K3 135cr.

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good answer not like others who tries to be diplomatic where BOI has itself said K3 benefitted from diwali holidays after that it colud bnot sustain once holidays were over
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This clash would have been certain if salman had a film released on eid. Anyways i think both collection would have been almost equal. Ce around 145-155 crore and k3 around 140 crore or so

Agree Completely. ..
Great Sammy... you have become quite sensible now...!!unlike some others...
Hehe! Pehle main unsensible tha kya? Lol!
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It would have hampered both films collection to their real collection especially ce as both would have done equally good collection but still way less than their potential sameway I feel if both k3 & ce interchange there release dates both would have performed the way the other performed...

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