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Precisely it would be in 8 months, if it happens...



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Well It Willnt But I want 4500cr Gross This Year So It Should. Anyways Salman Did It Technically Dabbang Ready & Bodyguard In Span Of 12 Months.
If We Just Adjust SRK Did That Atleast 2Times.


Technically it sounds right for Salman... but I particularly mentioned single year for that purpose.

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Rustum seems an exciting ride full of betrayal,rules,principles should hit 100 crore mark..
MoenjoDaro is there to trouble. but the way trailer got reception...But film should hit 100 crore mark and make Akki first one to do it

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If Mohenjadaro turns out to be disappointment then Rustom have chance to do 100cr india nett collection otherwise its tough

by Editor (81.7k points)
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Yes,I think Rustom will do 100 cr in its long run.Akki will be 1st to have 3 100 cr movies in an year.

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Is there any film after Rustom this year???

by Editor (84.9k points)

Nope... Rustom will be the last Akshay Kumar film for 2016. If he had one more, he would've repeated 2007 scenario.


If Akki wouldn't have sign Robot 2.0 he would have definitely have four releases this year too....Robot 2.0 took away his 70+ days which is too much for him

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Rustom's trailer is fantastic but it has less than 10% chance of crossing 100 crores due to it's limited appeal and especially more due to clash against Mohenjodaro. S26 and Baby were superb thrillers as well but didn't cross 100 crores despite solo release. I would be very very surprised if Rustom hits 100 crores.

by Producer (101k points)

Airlift had patriotic feeling and a solo release along with a superb wom. I don't think Rustom's wom will be that good like Airlift. Clash with Mohenjodaro will affect it. With good wom 85 crores is possible but 100 is too tough.


Patriotism Rustom main bhi haun....With Neeraj Pandey as Screenplay Writer and may be he has directed some scenes we can expect good movie


Rustom is not a patriotic movie like Airlift, it's a thriller.
I will be very happy if Rustom crosses 100 crores but I know it won't.


Rustom is not patriotic film but character of Rustom will be manipulated as patriotic for case purpose.
Anyways content wise i have no hope on Rustom now After trailer. Airlift was at max average and This one will be below that.

Neeraj Pandey is only driving force but i guess director spoiled it already.

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As much as i would love to see that happen. I dont think Rustom will cross 100cr. the biggest reason is the clash with Mohenjodaro

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)

It just now did...

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Nope it wont. MD is going to be very stiff competition. I feel around 80 to 85cr lifetime will be the result.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Rustom has its chances but it will be difficult due to clash with a big film like md, hope it will and make it three in a row for akshay sir.

by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
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ofcourse 99% chances.........

so it can be...

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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I think yes....he will become the first do do so..

by Star (151k points)

Bang on prediction yo.. (rofl)


Not Fair.He uses time travel


Time to take Doraemon off of him. :p

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