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Theri Final Total WW collections...

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ABO Has Underreported Theri. TN Share Hit ₹50cr Itself.
Here's Figure I Believe.

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hmm.. @Cinema_babu fig... Chengalpet,Karanataka fig are inflated.but i think kerala is 16cr.

wait for tamilboxoffice1 fig...


But here even TN is too less by ABO.


ya..thats what i'm saying chengalpet is the biggest circuit in TN. Theri is late release there because of some distributor issue.So it didn't collect big there.and i doubt that coimbatore fig too...
i don't know that exact fig but i think theri TN is around 73-74cr

and u can see the exact round numbers there
chengalpet--10cr,coimbatore-15cr...cooked up numbers ..i guess..


Chenglapet has potential of 15cr gross so 10cr isnt big deal imo as it ran very well.

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Andhra Boxoffice is always biased towards Vijay. So 10 to 15% of increment is expected from him.
In Tamil websites & Circles it is 120 cr Maximum.

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