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Hindi Releases Poor - Sardaarji 2 Set For History

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The Hindi releases 7 Hours To Go, A Scandall, Junooniyat, Raman Raghav 2.0 and Shorgul have all opened to a very poor response ranging from 0-5%. It will be something if any of the films get even respectable numbers. Junooniyat and Raman Raghav 2.0 are likely to have the best collections of this poor batch.

The Hollywood release Independence Day 2 has had a ordinary start of around 20-25% but is better in the South. The film is not a huge brand in India as its more about super hero action films in India but the film could get decent ten day run depending on how it fares tomorrow.

Sardaarji 2 has taken a bumper opening in East Punjab and may well create history on day one. The film is also extraordinary in Delhi as the first show in Wave Delhi goes house full and PVR Subhash Nagar is almost full. Its the best start these high collecting theatres have seen this year including all Hindi and English films.

Sardaarji released last year had also set an opening record and went on to be the second highest grossing Punjabi film of all time. The only obstacle may be that the East Punjab circuit this year for all films has not shown the growth of previous years but this could be due to content and Sardaarji 2 could set that straight.
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Sardaar Ji 2 Has Great Opening But Film Is Poor. Will Not Hold In Lomg Run.


CJ yaar What is update of release in Pakistan. When is it releasing?? will it release??


Asked its distributor few days back. He said they will but dont speak abt date.


Good news for Punjabi cinema...

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I watched a punjabi movie once.... Carry on jatta. I can honestly say.. Its funnier than any movie bollywood has ever produced.

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Well Carry On Jatta was copied from old Hindi movie Kuchh To Gadbad Hai (2004). Though Carry On Jatta had a better script.


i'm gonna go ahead and agree with you on that last sentence mast maula mahn...... but only and only if you allow and are cool with it.

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Punjabi films rocking at present.

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2 bumper Openings By Diljit Dosanj In Just One Week !! First Udta Punjab Took 1.9cr Opening In Punjab Now Sardaarji 2 will cross 2.5-3cr!! Historic , Biggest Star Of Punjab

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Well last week is actually bad week to release film in punjab due to paddy season. Even today. A post 28 june would means atleast 15 lakh more than whatever it will do

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So opening day of Independence Day probably will be more or equal then combined opening day of all Bollywood movies releasing....... And this is after when Independence Day isn't that big a brand as Fast & Furious, Avengers.........

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