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Day one - 25-26 cr
Day two - 41-42 cr

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Bro, 41-42cr is too much.....extra expectation is always harmful.........35cr -36cr max (boi)...
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Realistically if it releases on 23rd(deewali) oct then....

First day- 22cr-23cr = thursday

Second day- 35-36cr = friday

Third day- 28c-29cr= sat

Fourth day- 31-32cr= sunday

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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Day 1-24 crs...Day 2-38 crs

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First day-28crs
Second day-40+crs

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85% avg ocupancy on first two shows, which means on 4000 screens.. It can collect 15 crores.. And taking jus even 10 crores for the rest 3 shows it can have a first day around 25 crores on diwali.. Then on 2nd day with good wom it can 35 crores.. With mixed.. 30 crores..
3rd with gud wom.. 30 crores.. With mixed 24 crores.. Sunday 33 crores.. And 26 crores!
Extnded w'end with gud wom: 123 crores!
with mixd: 105 crores!
with gud wom: 177 crores!
With mixd: 143 crores!
Lifetime with gud wom: 240 crores!
With mixd: 195 crores!

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Acc to me it will release on second day of diwali so day 1 35cr and day 30cr even if movie is average.

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1st day 15 crore due to presence of Boman and deepika but 2nd day will be 5 crore due to extreme low WOM.

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Boman and Deepika,hahaha,Abhishek aur Sonu Sood ko bi add kar leta na.
@Deepak - Deepika rakh le apna naam. Suit karta hai. Crying pussy.
Tujhe pasand hai tu rakh le bhai.

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