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Today Salman vs Aamir in forum

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today seen many

salman vs aamir post

aag kha lgi Jo dhuan nikal pda
in General by Executive Producer (63.7k points)

Uska ban hi sahi tha ...
he don't deserve to be in the forum ..


Baap hu tera mai baap......fat gayi mujhse teri na


yes bro u are right

but don't know what he want to prove by this stuff.....


Navo will be banned again very soon cuz I think he wants to be banned.

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Ha ha ha... Nice fighting... Ans.. Comments... Very interesting.
I support Salman.... He is no. 1 and will be no. 1 after 2016 also. AMIR Dangal can't take position of Salman.

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I just showed the reality to a few losers like chirai aka puneet Shukla.....

by All Time best! (295k points) 3 flags

If we Start Trolling Aamir ke ek dukka fans no bhi haun woh Forum chod denge... So it's better u better STFU as Aamir fans have no aukat of their own


Pehle lallu ko bol acting seekhe...but before that tell him to be a human first


I'm back navo had to come back!....... Ace Dangal another atbb...... GOD GOD GOD

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Many Salman Fans Have Lost Their Mind Once Bajrangi Bhaijaan Failed To Beat PK & PRDP Failed To Beat 6 Year Old 3 Idiots. They Are Just Being Insecure. Deep Inside They Know Dangal Will Also Easily Beat Sultan.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points) 3 flags

BB would have beaten but lost to south indian film bahubali lolllllll hahahaha


We aren't jealous like Aamir and his Fans...Nevertheless BB will be remembered more than PK by future generations and also it generates more TRP than PK everytime


In that way Aamir movies in 90s will be more remembered than thrash hits of ur fav star....

–1 vote

It happened only due to that loser Navo....Nevertheless he would be banned soon

by Director (121k points)

Nope He Will Not Be Banned.


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