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Film Budget                                             Collections            
1. Ishq Tu Hi Tu

70 lakh 6 cr 79 lakh
2. Super Michchua (Super Liar)
35 lakh 5 cr 98 lakh
3. Pilata Bigidi Gala (The Boy became Naughty)

1 cr 56 lakh 5 cr 76 lakh
4. Rangila Baba

32 lakh 4 cr 79 lakh
5. Jaga Hathare Pagha
 - Remake Of Lai Bhari with regional elements added to the story
76 lakh 4 cr 25 lakh
6. Something Something 
80 lakh 3 cr 70 lakh
7. Balunga Toka ( Rowdy Guy)
-Remake of 7G Rainbow Colony
56 lakh 3 cr 40 lakh
8. Mun Eka Tumara ( I am Only Yours)
-Remake of Kannada Film Chandra Chakori
45 lakh 3 cr 34 lakh
9. Bhala Pae Tote 100 Ru 100 ( I Love You 100 out of                                                                100 )

32 lakh 3 cr 25 lakh
10. Raja Jhia Sange Hoi Gala Bhaba ( I Loved the                                                                King's Daughter)

35 lakh 3 cr 04 lakh

The market for Ollywood Films is primarily Odisha along with a few districts of Chattishgarh , Andhra Pradesh ,  West Bengal where there's substantial population of Odias.  Cities like Surat , Bangalore , Delhi and Jamshedpur also contribute to the collections.

Recently , films have started releasing in countries like Oman , Baharain , Malaysia , UAE etc..which have sizable population of Odias.

The buisness has picked up very well in the last 2 years..with 6 out of the top 10 having released in 2015-2016.

Source:  and some personal sources

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Isn't the guy named Siddhanth Mahapatra ex husband of Rachana Banerjee is an Orian star.


Sidhanth Mahapatra is now a BJD MLA..
He was a superstar in his time...He is doing character roles now..One or two films a year.

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Nice information. Thanks for the share...

Pilata Bigidi Gala (The Boy became Naughty).. I see it has the highest budget. Is it the highest budgeted film or did some other film took over it?

Mun Eka Tumara ( I am Only Yours) - Hmmm they chose to remake Chandra Chakori in 2013? Chandra Chakori came in 2003. Was produced by HD Kumaraswamy who in 2006 became the 18th CM of Karnataka.

Chandra Chakori, personally I found it boring except for the chartbuster songs at that time & to my surprise the movie ran for an year in theatres. Sadly for the hero Sri Murali, he started very good with this & his 2nd film, after that he had to wait 10 years for his next big hit to revive himself. Will he make it fruitful now is something I'm waiting to see, the new found stardom.

Balunga Toka ( Rowdy Guy) - Remake of 7/G Rainbow Colony. Remember we used to have a huge craze for this Tamil film despite it being super tragic & a very bad actor as hero. Songs even today are among the best.

Rangila Baba - I see the poster is missing..
enter image description here

And I see Odia films have too many remakes...

So how did Megha Sabarire Asiba Pheri fare at the box office? It was the remake of Magadheera right?

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Yes, it's the highest budget so far...2 films are slated to take over it this year...
The film's sequel Jhia Ta Bigidi Gala(The Girl Became Naughty) with a budget of 2cr approx...
Another film is Buxi Jagabandhu The first freedom fighter who fought British through guerrilla warfare... Even before 1857 Sepoy Mutiny.. in 1820...It is said to have a budget of 5cr+...
Well Balunga Toka was also a rage in Odisha and had smashed all records at that time... Though the story was not that good..
Megha Sabari Re Asiba Pheri was an average grosser... One of the worst remakes ever...

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Thnxx bro..for the share..kip us updated about odia movie collections..
N ya i was surprised to see ishw tu hi tu as highest grosser..
Do u have all time or inflation adjusted list??
N ya our ollywood industry is too much dependent on remakes..hope it changes n someday it makes quality n cinemas with odia feel.

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Will try to collect an inflation adjust list...It's really difficult to collect information for old films since there was no tracking mechanism

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