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Baaghi is flirting with a double digit first day and could hit the 10 crore nett mark. The film will cross 9 crore nett for sure and there is a chance that it could be a 10 crore nett first day for the film. The film has clocked good numbers in mass circuits beating and is set to beat the opening numbers of Akshay Kumar starrer Airlift in CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Orissa, Assam, West Bengal and possibly Saurashtra to record the second highest opening figures of 2016.
Airlift may not have had the content for these circuits but still there is a huge difference between Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff in terms of initial draw. In Bihar the film may even beat Fan to have the highest first day of the year. Fan grossed 35 lakh nett in Bihar and this looks a similar range..
The multiplex business of the film is average but that is still pretty good as action films have suffered very badly at multiplexes this year be it a Rocky Handsome or a Ghayal Once Again.
in General by Assistant Director (46.5k points)

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Thats superb start for Tiger. He has earned mass following. Thats what needs to be a superstar. Go ahead Tiger. 2nd hit in a row.

by Producer (103k points)
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Great Achievement for Tiger... He has earned a good fan following among youth due to his expertise in martial arts and dance...!!

by Super-star (176k points)
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Movie is crap but Tiger is star now with no acting talent

by Art Director (2.9k points)

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