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My Review of Sarrainodu - Mandatory beheading & chopping of limbs, typical Boyapati Sreenu film.

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Story -

Gana (Allu Arjun) is ex-military who doesn't have any other job but just to get himself involved in fights against baddies. Dhanush (Aadi) is the real baddie among all baddies, who does various atrocities & is a kingpin of sorts. Dhanush is all about his image & Gana hates anybody that brags about their image. Rakul Preet plays the damsel in distress, building the bride between Gana & Dhanush. What happens when they two clash forms the story.

Movie -

The template is simple. Opening act, introduce the villain (Aadi), followed by introduction of the hero (Allu Arjun). One is completely evil while the hero is equally evil for the baddies. There's Brahmanandam for comic relief. Catherine Tresa as MLA as well as love interest of Allu Arjun is therefore introduced for the love angle & ofcourse for the songs. The pace remains okayish throughout. Rakul Preet Singh contributes to the hero elevation scene in the interval block.

Post interval, the routine formula of flashback is opted which narrates the story of Rakul Preet & her family. The reason for the conflict between her & Aadi is established. Not surprisingly, once the flashback ends, Allu takes over the conflict. This is followed with scenes of more heroism. The pace remains flat throughout the second half, no matter how much scenes are forcefully added just for hero elevation. No place for logic in this film & there's no prize for guessing this.

Performances -

Allu Arjun in an out & out massy role looks dedicated. Rakul Preet is okay in her role. Catherine Tresa doesn't get much to do. Aadi is a good actor but has a painfully ill-written role. Srikanth does good in his limited role. Brahmanandam is wasted as usual & also his comedy doesn't work here. Saikumar is hardly there. Pradeep Rawat is shown as a joker. Jayaprakash as Allu Arjun's dad is first rate. Vinaya Prasad hardly gets a dialogue despite playing hero's mother. Suman appears in two scenes. Devadarshini tries to be funny but in a way those scenes are racist.

Plusses - 
1. Allu Arjun's energy.
2. Movie is filled with 6 action scenes. For a typical Boyapati Sreenu's audience, it might be a treat.
3. Some humour (intended & unintended) towards the climax.

Minusses -
1. Extremely violent. For an U/A film, Boyapati Sreenu makes sure he inserts a beheading & chopping of limbs as seen in his previous films.
2. What's with the rape scene in all the recent films? Nope, may be a decade back it was helpful to show heroism but now it's just disgusting. And all other films it's rape & murder but in this film, the girl gets killed first & then gets raped. This I refuse to call as creativity or even a necessity. Utterly disgusting.
3. Songs are not good.
4. For a change, one of the heroine is an MLA & hero gets to stalk her & harass her in the name of love. The whole thing comes out super fake even for a forgettable commercial entertainer template. Hard to digest.
5. Villain's character is once again very badly written one. Why waste good talented actors on such roles?
6, Gets tedious & boring quickly.

My Rating - 1.5/5 This time no leniency.)

Final Words - This typical Boyapati Sreenu film disappoints.

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Didn't get the time to watch...i will watch it tomorrow.

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Very very very cliched movie....sat through the movie only for Allu Arjun as I'm a big fan of his..too violent and over the top heroism..

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