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Well its just half of the decade..though loved your ans..even i love Aamir problem with him.
But hopefully what Aamir n Salman did commercially in first half of decade SRK might do it in second half..lets c he has big commercial projects but in latter 2017/2018 like Adi Chopra or ALR..


Anand: i m one of those who found Leo's acting too ordinary when it comes to winning oscar.....actually i doubt if on neutral basis he even deserved to be nominated.......Leo himself has much better i like thekai100's interpretation of Leo's oscar, 'he won it for best stunt of the year, not best act of the year' .........compared it jst cz he won oscar......its same like i think in 2010, actor who won for King's Speech was nowhere close to SRK's act in MNIK n even Hrithik's act was better
as @Sihan summed it up very well, 'tendency of south Asian people. Like people think past is better than present. .here people think Hollywood is much superior than anything' way to define ur reaction.......GORAY MAHAAN HAIN(bow)


sourav I don't see any big commercially successful movie in SRKs line up I'm just hoping for something big as 5 times back to back Filmfare for him.. :p


Well giving a big commercial movie might be easier for him than 5 b2b filmfare awards..hehe..lets see

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OK, tough question, but I will go for SRK

But before users here attack me, let me give the reason, First of all, SRK just went inside the character of both Aryan & Gaurav, and two characters, so different from each other in everything, plus how srk manages both characters, his transformation from Gaurav to Aryan and Aryan to Gaurav don't seems force, from nowhere it feels that both characters are played by one man, and if you want example, take the jail sequence and just watch it again and again, when Aryan and Gaurav meets one another and see how srk not only handles himself but also the characters and then his voice as Gaurav and changing them into Aryan's voice in few scenes, Gaurav was one of the most challenging role of SRK's career and he pulled it off perfectly, and what's great about SRK is that even though Gaurav was the challenging one, he played Aryan Khanna too with perfection, never it seemed that SRK ignored his Aryan Khanna for Gaurav, such an act it was..............

GAURAV is ARYAN, ARYAN is GAURAV............
Now coming to Leo's performance, we all know that it won Oscar, but compared to SRK in Fan, there is one major flaw in his performance that makes srk the winner, and that is.............. I haven't watched Revenant, so SRK is the Winner lol :D :D :P :P

by All Time best! (269k points)
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Bas kar pagle zyada ho gya ab...Comparing Oscar Winning Award performance with SRK's

by Director (121k points)

National Award is okay... But tum logon ne Oscar ko bhi nahi choda..... !!


Oscars not given in India if u dont know yet..We have Filmfare n National Awards as its equivalent here


I didn't even demand Filmfare for Salman in Bajrangi Bhaijaan...kuch bhi mat bola kar


TB said 'you guys were asking for National Award' ........its not just abt Chirai:D

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ha ha ha
ye admi purush nhi....maha c....ya h...

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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This is the reason why people hate guys take things too far....!!
Common man... I thought you were one of the sensible srkians here... Was I mistaken or you are kidding??
Anyways, Srk's performance in Fan is very good but stands no where in comparison to Leo in Revenant... It isn't even a comparison..!!

by Super-star (176k points)

I am also waiting for Raees..Hope I am not fan...!!


2nd half ruined it, though Again movie picked up after Gaurav entering Mannat.. But thrill lacked and movie became predictable. While Raees on other hand is not thriller, plus inspired by real life, supporting cast is better and is written by local reporters of A'bad along with national award winning director Rahul dholakiya.. So I hope it won't disappoint U.


1st half was awesome..2nd half was opposite of Awesome..
I feel if Raees and Sultan clash..Raees will be a better film but Sultan collect more domestic .It will be a close battle though


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Won't say anything about the performances..
But after watching some reviews of FAN by critics or here..One thought came to my mind that would Revenant have done well at BO even with Caprio's best performance if movie wasn't good...It wasn't great movie still don't understand how it got Best Director award..
But movie is Good.Which isn't case with with FAN..
The reason why I am not comparing FAN here is that Revenant has more scope for Caprio to act..
If Maneesh wouldn't have made it a thriller then comparison could have been done..
BTW SRK in future should do something like Revenant in Bollywood or Hollywood...
If he gets good director then has capability to act even better then Capario.

by Super-star (161k points)
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Leonardo in The Revenant. Unmatchable dedication..

by Super-star (169k points)

okay............thnx for replying in detail..........n its not jst abt Gaurav but Aryan also.....the shifting part also


abe shifting toh Aamir ne bhi kar liya tha d3 mein :p


That was awesome by Aamir when samar turns into sahir... Full crowd went crazy.....


i m not talking abt shifting in the climax.....or else....i m talking abt the whole effort of playing both characters........n even Aryan's scenes were awsum esp. i loved his aircraft reaction, the way his character shows not only Gaurav........anyways, got ur point

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Haven't seen wont comment on it....but can say without doubt that SRK's Performance is world class...& this I don't need to be a SRK fan....2ndly OSCAR is not World Awards...where performance from World Cinema is taken into stop praising Oscar as itz something out of the World.

Indian Cinema has seen great or say Mind boggling, fantabulous Performance by Actors...but just cz they dont hav a OSCAR to their Credit doesn't mean that their Performances are inferior to that Oscar counterparts.

OSCAR is predominantly a USA award which awards 90% of HOLLYWOOD performance.

by Production Designer (15.0k points)
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Shah Rukh Khan in fan. .....revenant act is overrated!!!!

by Producer (115k points)
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It's odd comparison.... Can't compare. Both actors gave one of finest performance.
Just want to say... SRK can act like Leo in Revenent.... Who knows better than him... He he...

by Editor (84.9k points)
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If we compare them we can see that Leo's dedication is unmatchable it's not like SRK was less dedicated he didn't have that much scope in FAN compared to The Revenant. Transformations in FAN were amazing, the changeover of voive by Gaurav..and then Aryan's transformation to Gaurav.. That jail scene where he says. Chehre ko kuch nai hone diya Aryan khanna ka chehra hai.. Isse kuch nai hone diya.. That was just enough to get the best actor award here.....
So if given a chance to SRK to work in Hollywood with movie like revenant, he can surely Take over Leo's performance!

by Unit Manager (32.2k points)
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Well Leo in Revenant for me..Though SRK showed his prowess through FAN..but Leo was better(just my point of view)..
But both acts shouldnt be compared..
First of all,Leo n SRK both went deep into characters but Leo adapted to the situation more..he had more scope..he had action,anger,guilt,will to live n take FAN SRK portrayed all these but in two different avatars so he couldnt portray all feelings properly..only thing was obsession n revenge n slight guilt part at the end..but still what made difference is the quality of cinema,story n director..SRK made sure it had hollywood level vfx but it lacked in that thrill part in 2nd half.
N the director is responsible for screenplay n act..AG Inarritu was an oscar winning director for birdman..his vision is something different n he kbows how to bring out best from his actors..even Tom Hardy role was awesome.
Mannesh is nowhere near to him..forget hollywood he is nowhere near to great visionaries in India also n has only directed rom com movies with mediocre acting from SRK gave a lot to character but somehow Maneesh failed to extract it to depth n also he lost the steam n thrill with the film due to his poor vision n screenplay..on otherhand there were no grt supporting Raees may be we can see better act than FAN courtesy Nawazuddin,Rahul dholakia Nawaz is great co actor like Tom hardy n Rahul is a national award winner like Inarritu..So i feel somehow Raees act will be better than FAN for SRK though FAN performance was a lifetime one..
Only comparison we can make betn FAN n Revenant is that both had very big superstars n gained wide critical appreciation for their performances but didnt do so well at bo..Revenant was just a hit domestically n Fan will be average..overseas revenant did well n so will Fan being a superhit n worldwide numbers are highest for auch kind of films..Rest Revenant did slightly better at bo due to vision of director which maneesh lacked.
Now coming to talents SRK can gv better performance than Leo provided he gets such directors..n not only SRK we have lots of talented artist in India like Aamir,Naseeruddin,Nawaz,Irfaan,even Amitabh..n a lot more who given correct platform n directors would outperform some great acts from hollywood..
No comparison om talents or ability..n for me FAN was memorable n one of best of SRK which i would never forget n will be close to my heart forever but for Leo Revenant was his best n that slightly outdoes FAN.

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enter image description here

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hahahahahahahhaha oh what?????
this guy gave 4.5 star to masterpiece dilwale.......
mentally unstable weirdo.

by Super-star (198k points)

lol......u act well....even if u believe the other ur answer has as much importance as Salman is important for acting World

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