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Aamir khan, even though one of the biggest superstars...seems to have lost his ways. His one movie every 2 years is very risky,and this time age is  not by his side anymore.

Also, i feel Aamir is not suited to action which is a major drawback. I dont think he will join the spy verse either as a spy or the big bad villain. Social drama films dont seem to work anymore now which was Aamir's strong point.

What do you guys think is it over for Aamir khan as a leading superstar or is it really possible to make a superb comeback like he did after Mangal Pandey?
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Why does he need comeback ?

Only 2 of his last movies have not done well, among that one was biggest opener at the time of release. Pathaan proved that Superstars dont fade away so easily. Aamir is smartest guy, he knows the pulse audience more then anyone else. I don't think he need to an action movie to give a hit. A good movie with a novelty factor and  good production value irrespective of genre will do well at box office. No one can suggest star like Aamir what kind of movie he is supposedly to do, as he has done lot of pathbreaking films and made them Big hits. 

Lets wait for Dunki to come to conclusion that social drama's don't  work. Unless movie is bad,It will work at boxoffice.
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He doesn't need one as he's already a legend..but as a fan i desperately want him to be more active and give us gems like he did. His filmography is just too good. Its true that only 2 of his films have flopped in last 16/17 years but it's just that he has huge gaps between his releases. I am pretty much sure that his next film will come out in late 2025 which is again a 3 year gap from lsc.
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Why is everyone sure that social drama movies don't work anymore ? For me a social drama with the good content will collect even more. 

When you see front loaded films still collecting in 5th and 6th weeks imagine a good accepted social drama movie. 
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But now with the increased ticket price audience wont come if they feel that the film is not a must watch in the theatres. What i meant was that dramas will work if it is presented in a bigger scale. Most of the highest grossing movies are social dramas..but now i feel the filmmakers need to tweak their method and other elements to it for which the audience will run to the theatres.
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No comeback of Aamir khan. In this decade he will have max 2 releases as lead. He may do some cameos and also could direct a film. He won't destroy his filmography or legacy because he is already among the greats and also probably very rich . 
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Aamir has taken a break much necessary for him. As he will be able to bring his composer back, will be able to realise many a things. He is a guy who works best when he is fresh. With fresh mind I am sure he will come to make a understanding of todays time and make a much strong comeback! 
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