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There were total 15 participants but the real contest was between top 11 participants

It was a close contest  with Navo and NayaYug(Javneet) leading for most parts of the tournament.

It was the final which turned the tables for Thunderbird and Puneet and they became the winner and runners up.


First : Thunder Warriors(Thunderbird) - 11542 points

Second: Puneet111(Puneetshukla) - 11256 points

Third: Shikari Panda(Navoarsenal) - 11186 points

Fourth: KRK's Antinationals(JP) - 11179 points (Since , he is not there in the forum, he can't be granted the points)

So, Fourth : Kabir Ke Launde(NayaYug) - 11146 points

Fifth : Pitch Blasters(Basu C) - 10879 points (He is not there in the forum)

So, Fifth : The Raging Bulls(Anand1199) - 10878 points

Congratulations to all Winners and a hearty thanks to all participants..!!

Points granted !!Congratulations once again.Hoping for another succesfull fantasy league in IPL 2016.

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Wow, this is the first time I have won fantasy league of this forum.......
My performance in IPL 2014 & 2015 wasn't good, I didn't took part in WC 2015, but this time I came prepared, and won it
Start wasn't good, as my browser didn't properly opened the site and for some moment I felt like I won't be able to compete but then, I got an idea, I downloaded official ICC app from Play Store and then I played this fantasy league in that..... Easy to use and fast too :) :)
My phase 1 was good, despite me knowing less about players of many associates, I had good phase 1

Phase 2 & Phase 3 were decent, full of ups & downs, phase 3 was bit better or maybe phase 2 lol, but both were still decent enough to keep me near top
And phase 4 was excellent.......... And I will tell you why
NZ vs ENG - I picked Jason Roy at last moment, I had to pick between Roy and Munroe, I chose Roy
WI vs IND - At last seconds before first ball was bowled, I changed my pp from Gayle to kohli, at first my pp was kohli, then I changed it to Gayle and then just before the first ball, I changed it to kohli, and then I picked Simmons because his record in IPL was fantastic, and playing for Mumbai in Mumbai was even better
WI vs ENG - This one was a stroke of luck as I wanted to choose Ben Stokes, but I didn't had enough budget, so I then had to choose Carlos Braithwait......... And rest is history.......
So as you see, it was some quick thinking and some luck which helped me become the winners...... And I'm going to end this post match presentation speech by....... Champion, Champion, everybody knows Thunder Bird is a champion ;) ;) :D :D

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..oh i finish on 5th....shitttt.....i missed 2-3 matches in league stages bt neva mind....congo 2 winner thunderbird.....:)

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You are Basu C..???

0 haHA just jokingg bro...........:)

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Congrats to the winners, I was lost the momentum in phase 2, but it's really a great fun and now ready for ipl fantasy.

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