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Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Sardaar Gabbar Singh Telugu & Hindi Theatrical Trailers.

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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Official Theatrical (Telugu) Trailer

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Official Theatrical (Hindi) Trailer

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Wow..iam stunned . A feudal Lord from the medieval ages , an oppressed and helpless Village , A Messiah protecting the poor , A meek Marsh mellow heroine , Punch dialogues , buffoonery , flying goons , hard punches , few songs in between , A drunk item song , A mandatory Joker for few light moments , triumph of good over evil ..... This is never seen before stuff.. Iam damn excited and ready for the crazy reporting of 100cr in 21 hrs - 150cr gross in 26hrs - News of crazy fans fighting for tickets .. DAMN EXCITED...

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Lol. Trolling again....?


i;m waiting for the giga star imran hasmi shab film ...which will collect 1st weekend.
200millions in overseas..

with national award level acting and oscar level script imran will make india proud...


I haven't seen pawan kalyan films but iam sure that he is a better actor than Emraan Hashmi Sahab ..

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every one know that its destined to be disaster..

pawan kalyan is story-screenplay-director(almost) of this film..what will you expect,,?

shitty audio & trailers,teasers.......what will you expect,,?

yack .......

by Costume designer (1.0k points)

that bacha director bobby is scapegoat now.....


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