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The Jungle Book Official Hindi Trailer 1 featuring Priyanka Chopra's voice.

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Just outstanding. And I consider it as a treat for my birthday that is also on 8th April. Really loved its so lively CGI. And Damn dialogue delivery of Priyanka Chopra, so confident and divinely.
I'll definitely try to watch it.
In Hindi, of course.

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@Ankit bhai i vl dedicate a song for U...
Teri Galiyan teri galiyan sab ko bhaye teri galiyan... guess the song connection to U...


Nah.. Didn't get it. Personally, I didn't like Teri Galiyyan video choreography. It was so poor and so fake visuals like it was done by some noob vfx company. Overall, it was cheap. Just look at that butterfly flying or that that evening beach scene or that see's water shining. Everything is so fake.


Bhai the singer is Ankit tiwari n ur name too is Ankit...

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Most of the times, original English version is best one to watch a Hollywood movie, but this Hindi dub cast is terrific, I'm now confused that in which version should I experience it, if showtimings are good then I can watch it in both versions but still which one to watch first.......

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