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Superstars having more than 5 Crore Footfalls in a Single Year only from Hits :

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Amitabh Bachchan : 1975, 1977, 1978 & 1983

Dilip Kumar : 1960

Dharmendra : 1966, 1968, 1972 & 1975

Rajesh Khanaa : 1969 & 1971

Anil Kapoor : None

Sanjay Dutt : None

Jackie Shroff : 1989

Govinda : None

Sunny Deol : 1997 & 2001

Aamir Khan : None

Salman Khan : 1994, 1999 & 2015

Akshay Kumar : 1994

Ajay Devgan : None

Shah Rukh Khan : 1995 & 1997

Hrithik Roshan : None

in Movies by All Time best! (326k points)

Baazigar.Com..................I am sure when updated data will come My Data will be Bang On.The amount of analysis given by Baazigar.Com here,you can't find anywhere else.Have a Look :
Amitabh had Deewaar and Sholay in 1975, the combined Footfalls will be around 15 Crore
Amitabh had Amar Akbar Anthony, Khoon Pasina and Parvarish in 1977, the combined Footfalls will be around 6 Crore+
Amitabh had Trishul, Don and Muqaddar Ka Sikandar in 1978, the combined Footfalls will be around 9-10 Crore
Amitabh had Coolie and Andha Kanoon, the combined Footfalls will just cross 5 Crores
In same way I can give details of Dharam and Kaka,May be in Future.If you think that the data is incorrect then prove it.


Haha please cool down yaar I have not said that data is incorrect. I just wanted to know if it is according to BOI or any other site. Itna defencive aur hyper kyoun ho jate ho?


Man such analysis are unique and not possible to find anywhere else Yeh kehna chahta hoon.Hyper jaisi koi baat nahin.If anyone don't believe in it then thats Fine.


Haan i was thinking ke kafi mehnat wala kaam hai. Well done

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Only salman in current decade...
And Paaji in the previous one

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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..wat abt hrithik in 2000? knph 3.06cr, mission kashmir 1.5cr & fiza must be at least 0.5cr...tht makes more than 5cr....??...
n btw u missed 1998 yr for srk who had kkhh(3.56cr),dilse(.85) n duplicate(.85) so total 5.26cr...

by Unit Manager (34.4k points)

...ohh okayy if only from hit films then its fine....


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