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That's again MaximBady's video which if I remember The Rock had shared before. I had commented there & nobody else answered in that post. Wonder if it still unanswered.
Anyways, 1st scene is from Sampu's Telugu spoof movie Singam 123... It's a spoof on masala action films...
And there's a scene where a guy gets stabbed by chicken... That scene was there in Hot Shots 2. And the villain spitting out balls is also taken from Hot Shots 2 where it's Charlie Sheen kicks the villain.
Didn't watch this film though. Sampu's previous film which again was a spoof "Hrudaya Kaleyam", remember the scene was shared on this forum where he carries a heart with him for transplant & throws it straight into the body through the hospital window right from the street.
Sadly, Singam 123 didn't repeat the succcess of Hrudaya Kaleyam. Instead Telugu superstars fans threatened Sampu for insulting their favorite stars even on live channel.
Here's the link for interview where Nandamuri Balakrishna fan scolded Sampu for making fun of his favorite star...
Funny, the movie was produced, story was written by Telugu star Vishnu Manchu.

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I repeat this is the greatest movie scene ever.Rofl

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