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We All Know,King's Record In Diwali.All Big Hits Of SRK As Well As Bollywood Release In Diwali Period Such As-DDLJ,DTPH,KKHH,DON,VZ,OSO,JTHJ,BAAZIGAR...Etc.With Just 6 Open Days,And Only 1500 Screens After 1st. Week,If King's Movie Collect 208 Crore,Then With 15 Days Free Run And 4100 Screens That Movie Would Have Collect 250 Crore Sure According To BOI.And Haters Stay Away From My Answer.

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If c.e do well than its does't means other srk movie also collect well.
What happen to ra one , don 2 and jthj we all know.

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I really think eid was best time to release till now in the year so it would have got hit hard by pre diwali so overall it would have done around 180-190 crs

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