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Why people are still day dreaming here that D3 will break CE record,they should learn from K3 underperformance as per BOI?

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i beat you dhoom 3 easily break CE record.....if dhoom 3 not cross CE record then i leave this foram but if dhoom 3 break CE record then you leave this foram agree???????????

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WOM Is Main Thing . It Has 5 Open Week . If WOM Is Very Good Then Anything Can Happen . If WOM Is Mixed Then It Will Miss .

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Don 2 had good wom, hrithik cameo, hype, same d3 genre still underperformed
Who Said You That Don 2 Had Good WOM . It Had Mixed WOM . Also It Came Just 2 Month After RA.ONE . Everybody Knows That There Was Huge Negativity Around SRK That Time .
Before Dabangg Salman had movies like veer and london dreams... So that excuse won't work..... Any actor can give bb with good wom and script
Don 2 Underperformed Just Because Of Release Date, Everybody Knows That . Now You Have No Need To Explain Me . Dabangg Was Released Almost 10 Month After Veer . Also Veer Not Had Huge Negative Response And Salman Not Had Huge Negativity During The Release Of Dabangg . Got It ?
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After 23 days,you will have to buy lots of burnol.

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bet laga le predictions are mostly correct
0, Improve your accept ratio and if you can't.. Don't ask any more ques further!
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10001% Dhoom 3 will beat CE lifetime in India and worldwide.... I have zero doubt about it

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
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Dhoom 3 will beat Krrish 3 in producer figure and crash CE's record in 2 weeks in BOI figure..



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