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Aren't you surprised that K3 will collect only 175cr in its lifetime acc to BOI and faile to even beat YJHD record?

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no i am not surprised.i knew it was a overrated underperforming was sure that alls knew even u will agree with me.

by Unit Manager (31.2k points)
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Actually i am a bit surprised,i think it has underperformed a bit. But you guys believed producer figures,and even in most media and tv channels,K3 has broken CE records,so be happy haha

by All Time best! (295k points)
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I am a bit suprised and dissapointed but still it did great businees and type of business which still has only been done by few films so happy with it being a blockbuster so waiting for future HR films and damn sure that his films will break more records at the boxoffice this is just the begining of that...

by Star (156k points)
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Yes it is surprising and disapointing but the buisness it has done after a 49 cr weekend is great as after weekend people were not expecting even this much so it has picked up good and is now a block buster movie

by All Time best! (268k points)
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I Surprised,But Some Fans Shocked Cause Their Fingure Were Crossed.

by Director (123k points)


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