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Has Airlift Beaten The Footfalls Of Jai Ho? - BOI Answers

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Q. Is Neerja a rare hit in the month of February because as far as i can recall there has hardly ever been a hit released in the month of February?.

Ans. You are right its a very bad month but last year there was a hit in the form of Badlapur which was very similar to Neerja where the low budget took it to success. Before that there was Tanu Weds Manu in 2011 and My Name Is Khan in 2010 (this was helped by a huge number Overseas for that time). Since 2000, the month of February has only ever seen one big hit in the form of Raaz in 2002 and five hits with Badal (2000) My Name Is Khan (2010), Tanu Weds Manu (2011), Badlapur (2015) and Neerja (2016). Thats a low number for 16 years

P, Agarwal

Q. Jai Ho is regarded a average performer for Salman Khan while Airlift is the second biggest hit in the career of Akshay Kumar but has it beaten the footfalls of Jai Ho?

Ans. The footfalls are a fair distance behind Jai Ho but Airlift is not the second biggest hit of Akshay Kuma's career but the second biggest grosser. In terms of hits its not even in the top five.

J. Qureshi

Q. Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor were the top heroines a few years back but now the films look bad like Fitoor and Ki and Ka, will this downslide continue like it happened with Rani Mukherjee and Aishwarya Rai?

Ans. Ki and Ka is not released yet. Basically they became very big stars due to blockbuster films which have huge reach and push you higher in the popularity stakes so to maintain at those level those blockbusters are needed. Basically love stories with younger heroes have ended careers of some of the biggest actresses as these films find it hard to put up big numbers. Fitoor will not even do 20 crore but even if the film was good it would harldy do 50 crore nett and these sort of numbers don't really help much in the popularity stakes. What happens down the line depends on grossers, only big grossers can hold up career of big stars.

A. Goel


Q. Can Neerja cross the bsuienss of films like Queen and Kahaani?

Ans. Queen is 61 crore nett and Kahaani is 57 crore nett.It is possible but a lot depends on how the other releases perform over the two weeks. If all fall flat then a 60 crore nett total will be there for the taking.

M. Bedi

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Well in this decade February month seen decent result till now, My Name Is Khan was Hit in year 2010, Tanu Weds Manu was Super Hit in year 2011, Ek Main Aur Ek Tu was Average in year 2012, Special 26 and ABCD clashed(wish they didn't clash) but both are Semi Hit at year 2013, Gunday was Semi Hit in year 2014, Baadlapur was Semi Hit/Hit in year 2015 and now Neerja might be Hit/Super Hit
Most of the films were Small budget film except My Name Is Khan, Special 26 and Gunday.
My Name Is Khan was biggest grosser ever in this month for 4 years which was broken by 2014 film Gunday. Special 26 failed to due to clash!!
btw Badlapur Verdict was Semi Hit na??

by Director (129k points)
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It was Hit ...............

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Thanks for sharing. Vaise boi kholna band kr diya hai

by Production Accountant (22.3k points)
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Gadho ne Super hit Jodha akbar ko semi hit bana diya.

by Production Accountant (26.0k points)

Well the film should've done that sort of business to earn that verdict. A 56cr nett film as well as all other factors & expecting a Super Hit verdict never made sense.

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For MNIK , BOI is saying that it was hit due to huge overseas return . It means they are giving worldwide verdict now. If they consider overseas share too then Dilwale can be a hit too in their final update as it has lower budget than PRDP(165cr vs 180cr) & similar worldwide share ( both 145-150cr ) and higher worldwide gross ( 371cr vs 365cr) .

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)

Na... Dilwale got Semi Hit because of overseas business impact. Plus distributor share is way too low for it to earn a Hit tag. Worldwide "share" doesn't matter because only domestic share goes into the pockets of the producers & distributors whereas overseas major share goes to the overseas partners alone.


UTV was distributing Dilwale overseas . It has great overseas presence so in major territories it distributed itself while for the rest it was sold to local distributors at profit share min. guarantee. They had bought it for 40cr from Red Chillies . Dilwale had final share of 75cr for UTV . So out of 35cr profit Red chillies must have had some share say 15cr. So red chillies which were both producer and distributor had 55cr for them from overseas. Indian rights were sold to local distributors for 100-110cr. It had 72cr share . Later 50% losses were refunded so Red Chillies finally got 85cr from India after refunding. 70cr were from other rights(music satellite homevid brandtieups) . Total- 210cr . So main people made profit - Red chillies(distributor and producer) , UTV , few indian local distributors etc . While those who made losses were compensated . So it has all the reasons to be hit after recompensation.


Re-funding doesn't matter... How much money the movie actually made from the box office ticket selling matters for giving verdicts.
70cr+ distributor share is too less compared to the 130cr distributor price quoted. Overseas usaully don't have any impact on the movie's domestic verdict with only highly exceptional cases like MNIK & Dilwale. MNIK didn't see the loss Dilwale had for it's distributors. PVR bought Dilwale at bulk price & they suffered losses considering the multiplex business too out of the 140cr nett generated less share as the rates differ after 1st week.
And it was not 50% losses... it was 50% of the loss will be refunded not entire loss amount. If Red Chillies refunded the amount it doesn't mean the distributor share will increase. That's not how business works.. Distributors faced loss, Red Chillies paid back of that loss which means loss for Red Chillies too.. I said loss for Red Chillies, don't confuse it with pre-theatrical & theatrical business. Red Chillies as a producer are in healthy profits.. But this is not charity & money is never free to be given away. If they're refunding 50% of losses means that amount goes as a new investment, part of the deal, will be accounted separately.


I don't think this 130cr deal is true . It may have been quoted for worlwide rights(90cr india 40cr overseas) which appears much more normal as 130cr share with clash is insane amount in india . Let us leave it to BOI to decide what is the final verdict as they gave semi hit when overseas was looking at 23m$ while actual came at 26.5-27m$ . Also it became the 2nd biggest worldwide grosser of year and 7th highest of all time which is too much for a semihit. So lets see when BOI is completely updated as verdicts are changed quite a few times in exceptional cases .Hoping for the best .


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