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We know what SRK is facing right now and what trooma he is going through. Now if Fan looking something which will melt the hearts and we are sure it won't be facing protest as YRP are behind it. It will not only earn appritiation but will settle the things around SRK.
And then its goodwill will fight against the protest that Raees gonna face because there is no parallel world for Raees where it will have a slient release.
in Movies by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

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Sapne dekhna band karo.... Jo hoga dekha jayega..
Bas wish karo sabkuch achcha hojaye......

by Assistant Director (53.1k points)

Its not sapna yr, I am just applying the logics.
But Fan needs to be liked at 1st place.

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Just hope that it gets good WOM and appreciation and not like Ra.One (VFX was superb but content wasnt appreciated). So hope FAN entertains audience in both Content wise + Looks and acting of SRK

by Producer (114k points)

That is must........

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nothing would go against the movie.. if it is entertaining.. same will be Raees's case

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)

thats mean dilwale was not entertainin


this means you are everstupid cockyhead


haha jawab nahi hai...ilol

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I want it to have great emotional value. Let's see what happens. We never can be sure about timing. The boxoffice numbers and public reaction will determine it.

by Casting Director (18.2k points)

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