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Akshay kumar superstar kab se bn gya?

by Production Accountant (22.3k points)

1994 se.................................


Bazigar phr to sunil shetty bhi superstar hai q ke mohra main sunil shetty ka role akshay se powerful tha so agr akshay 94 se superstar hai to sunil shetty q nh?


4 Hits in 1994...........Abe lallu Akshay too aaj bhi super hit de raha hai.2000-2009 mein no.2 par tha.waise bhi humare yahan kahawat hai ke ch se bahas nahin karte.F* off.

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producer ko road pe ana na pade isiliye shahid kapoor 1 hi film karta he..............

by Camera Operator (10.1k points)
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Who said that akshay kumar is superstar??? Superstar doesn't do 6 movies in a year he is niche star that is the fact if we see his track record barring 2007 he is a sunil shetty agr 2007 iske career main na hota to ye doosra sunil shetty tha iska bhau 2007 ke baad barh gaya tha he is a very lucky to have 2007 :p

by Camera Operator (9.3k points) 2 flags

@badshah singham1 aur son of sardar kahan gayi?


none of it is 100cr............kaunsi figures follow kr rahay ho????that means Krrish 3 scored 245cr or what???


Han q ke 90% sites taran adarsh ke figures follow karte hain go to google & type which ajay's m0vies in 100cr club u would knw thats why humain bhi follow karni chahye


okay yaar.............u r following google.........i don't..........i follow BOI, even after me kind of becoming a BOI-hater with the passage of time......anyways, for me both hv same 100cr films

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Because Akshay Kumar is superstar?

by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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Shahid kapoor always thought he was in the top 5 along with the khans. so he is choosing to be a perfectionist. but so far we only have 2 of those. HR and Aamir

by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
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Your answer is in your question, Akshay is a superstar, shahid ko 1 mushkil se milti hai.......4-5 kaun dega??? Unfortunately, shahid had everything to be a big star except luck.

by Mega Star (226k points)

Screen presence matters most, Shahid badly loose here.. ..

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