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Boxoffice Mojo underreported Dilwale's Seventh weekend update. Your Reaction?

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in Opinion by Location Manager (5.4k points)

I don't know about the collections but Boxoffice Mojo is not for bollywood movies.


why Filman.........don't they always give authentic figures???


Baadshah. They do give authentic figure but of Hollywood mostly. They take full attention on how many screens and where the films have released, they don't do the same for bollywood movies.



1 Answer

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Malaysia Only 39 Screens Were Reported As Compared To 72 Screens.
They Might Not Had Got The Proper Data. But There Job Is Proper Hollywood Films So It Doesnot Matters If They Reports Dilwale In Less Screens.

by Super-star (194k points)

Hah...... that itself my question is see Now many Boxoffice Forum Users are using Boxoffice Mojo to give collection of Dilwale in Peru,Austria, Germany etc. How we can trust these are accurate Bxoffice numbers who know Dilwale would have been released in other screens also right.
See When Boxoffice Mojo gave 1st weekend collection of Dilwale in Germany as $156 K But Boxoffice gave it as $ 175 K which is true and which one to take as a final collection and even on said that it crossed $ 200 K on Monday(4th Day) itself.


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