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I m okay with Kader Khan sahib esp. with his ques 

'"I am not contesting the government's decision of conferring Anupam Kher with the award but the only thing I want to know is the credentials that I lacked for it (the award),"

But but but, Rishi sahib bhi bol paray hain...LOL.........His strategy changed after Ranveer Singh won an award instead of Ranbir or he did criticize those awards when Ranbir got these back2back???

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What Kadar Khan deserves it (Padma Awards)!!!!!!!
Kadar Khan , Late Amrish Puri were not even considered for Lifetime Achievement Awards in our ANY SO-CALLED GENUINE Bollywood Awards.....and you are talking abt giving them Padma Shree....
First let them become KAABIL/deserving at the lower level....then we'll talk abt higher level...

These people have done NOTHING for Bollywood u call these below mentioned things as achievements ?- I don;t think so.... :

Kadar Khan -

actor, comedian, script dialogue writer, acted in more than 300 films...been in industry for more than 35 years

Late Amrish Puri -

acted in more than 400 films.including hollywood(Even Akshay after doing 4-5 films per year is not able to cross 150) ...,changed the dimension of negative/villainous roles....was in industry for more than 40 years

Only Achievement...u need is how to flatter anyone...and these people lacked this skill/talent (which is way above anything)....

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u said it............................(y)


plus if u would like to share ur view on Rishi's statement.....did he say anything like that during his son's good days at award shows??


@Baadshah....article u shared is just about/by Kadar Khan only....I don;t see anything in it related to Rishi....or Am I missing something?


here it is from DNA article
Rishi Kapoor is outraged by way popular awards are being doled out to all and sundry. “I couldn’t believe it when they recently gave an award to Parineeti Chopra for losing weight. Can someone please give me an award for gaining weight?” quips Kapoor.

Says Rishi, “I never did believe in popular awards. It’s gotten much worse now. I use award trophies as doorstops in my home. What they have done to film awards is truly tragic. They’ve reduced them to trivia. Shameless. Agar sabko khush karna hai toh phir award ka matlab kya hua?”

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Bilkul Bilkul Kader Bhai ko to pehle milna chahiye tha.Kher bhi deserve karte hain.Both are Legends.

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yup......both r Legends......but my actual fun was Rishi Kapoor saying bad about awards


Rishi disturb lag raha hai mujhe due to Ranbir Kat issue.


Ranbir Kat choro.......mjhe to Ranbir Ranbir issue lgta hai :D ....Besharam, Roy, BV....n even Tamasha bhi lol hogayi..........awards to khud he buray lgnay hain abba jaan ko


Tamasha ke liye awards ka chance nahin tha itna bhola nahin hai Rishi

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