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Airlift First Monday Business - BOI

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Airlift had super strong hold on Monday dropping just 10% from day one with 10 crore nett business. The best holds were in Delhi NCR and East Punjab which held close to first day levels and the first day figures were also good in these parts. The falls came in UP and Bihar as both places dropped around 30-35% but it did not make much difference to overall total as the contribution from these areas is pretty low.  The first four day business is as follows.


Friday - 11,00,00,000

Saturday - 14,50,00,000 

Sunday - 17,00,00,000

Monday - 10,00,00,000


TOTAL - 52,50,00,000


The film should do a 80 crore nett first week but will depend on the jump on Republic day which can be anywhere between 30-60%. If the jump is on the higher side it will comfortably cross 80 crore nett. Jai Ho in 2014 grossed 83.50 crore nett which is a record for Republic Day week.

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Terrific collection.....................................................

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