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In this match where Afridi scored fastest century,

Balls faced by all batsmen are 

120+34+40+11+54+8+16+7+0+12+2= 304 balls

now with 2no balls, 302balls can be understandable but from where those other 2balls came to make it 304balls

Second Ques: Is there a rule change in leg byes or what??Muhammad Aamir balled a ball which resulted in 4runs as bye/lb was added in opponent team's score but not added in Aamir's balling figures.........howz that????

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Ru s through leg byes are not counted into the bowlers figures bro..



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Well I Was A Cricket Fan, A Really Big But Not Now. Still I Would Like To Answer Hope You Dont Mind As You Specifically Said Its For Cricket Fans.
Answer To Question Two First. Yes Runs Are Not Added To Bowlers Total.
Proof :

If the ball deflects off the batsman's body and needs to be gathered by a fielder, the batsmen may have the opportunity to score runs safely, and may choose to do so. The number of runs scored are scored as leg byes – they are added to the team's total, but not to the number of runs scored by the batsman nor to the runs conceded by the bowler.

Now Moving To Question 1.
The Rule Say That Only No Ball Is Considered To Be Ball Faced By Batsman. So I Guess There Might Be Problem In Data Entry. If You Notice Balls Faced By Srilankans Is One Less As It Should Had Been 300 (299 Plus No Ball Though If The Stump Occurs On No Ball Then Its Ohkk). So Might Be Problem With Site.

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If u see the scorecard the whole Extras section is messed up:
For eg) If you see Pakistan Batting innings ,it says:
Extras (lb 7, w 17, nb 2) 26

But then if u see Sri Lankan Bowling section - and add the Wides and NB for the Bowlers - it comes out to be 17 Wides and 3 No Balls which is 20 but the total Extras above shows that its 19 (For Wides and NB)
Same is the case with Sri Lankan batting innings.

So It seems that Total Extras are correct but the detailing (to show the number of wides , NB, Leg Byes to make that total) is INCORRECT.

Ans 2) If u see the Bowling Analysis section and total the Runs by each bowler then LEG BYES are not part of it.
Also rule says that Unlike no balls and wides, byes and leg-byes are not scored against the bowler.

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So, cricket is not as straight as we play it in our streets.
Btw thanks for the great info bro.


Yup it's not. Cricket is probably the most complex game to learn all the rules. I bet many cricket lovers do not know 100% rules on how LBW works. I also learnt everything only last year.


thnx bro for the info...................... @Sanjeev
LBW?? 2.5m??around n over the wicket thingy or something else????


things like pitching outside leg, whether you play or shot or let it go . there are many stuffs.

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