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Airlift is propaganda and fake movie, never hear about nd never work with ranjit katiyar - Indian foreigners ministry officier, Air india, journalist

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Some member said its secret mission ??????.  
Pls research properly. Its indias officially declared mission for evacuatation of indians from Kuwait just like indias yemen mission 2015 for evacuation of Indians from Yemen by Modi government called operation rahat.

 A total of 170,000 people were evacuated to Mumbai – a distance of 4,117 km, by operating 488 flights in association with Indian Airlines, from 13 August to 11 October 1990 – lasting 59 days.[5] Ultimately, around 10,000 Indian nationals decided to remain in Kuwait.
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First thing is there is no ranjit katiyar its the character of someone else which akshay sir played , he himself said it many times the name of real person behind the whole mission will be there in the end credits of film, so how anyone can work with ranjit katiyar, but that doesn't mean its a propagenda movie when there is guiness world record of largest human evacuation is by india and anyone can check it.

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As usual, they can't officially declare it and they'll never do as it was a secret mission & illegal too.. If they accept it then it can lead to an unhealthy relationship between Iraq & India..

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But see dude he said the movie is propaganda and fake.. he didn't worked with Ranjit that's cool maybe even the filmmakers weren't suppose to reveal the real name..


They didn't want movie to be centred on someone fictional.... They want movie to like a documentary....


There is no ranjit katiyar so how anyone can work with him, akshay sir said it many times that the name of real person will be there in end credits.


This mission was not kept secret from iraq as the person whose character is played by akshay sir work as a negotiator , so if you expect something like argo than you will be dissappointed as its impossible to evacute 1,70,000 people secretly.


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