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People said the same about Kajol, Karisma, Aishwarya, Katrina, Vidya and Kangana as well but what happened?? :D (giggle)


No No no plain No.
I Would Rank Katrina & PC Above Deepika. Its Just Same as Khans As aamir and deepika are performing huge but stardom lies with katrina nad pc.
Madhuri Is Just Like Khans Actually Who Got The Limelight Of Films Like Hahk, Dil And Raja. Raja Was Actually Titled As Rani In Interiors. That Was Madhuri Stardom.


Pehale mein bhi yahi sochta tha par ab nahi.... She has stardom.

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Yeah.Deepika is the undisputed queen now.She's ruling currently!

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hema malini is biggest than sridevi and madhuri

by Production Designer (15.0k points)

Aishwarya is bigger than Hema, Sridevi and Madhuri .


at boxoffice in other thing may be

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No man Deepika is nowhere near to madhuri and sridevi

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Yeah, sure... It was already proved by bumper openings of Finding Fanny, piku and Tamasha.........
Piku got public appreciation and became hit, ff and tamasha didn't and......... LOL

by All Time best! (269k points)

Explain the hidden meaning of the last" LOL " what does it signify ?


It signifies thecfate of all time blockbusters like tamasha and ff or superstarni dipika


@thunderbird: even sridevi and Madhuri have duds in their lifetime. Its not like all their movies were big hits

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