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Collected much more than the budget to flop kyun............? Aur Yeh BOI record to chal nahin rahe.Tum kaise dekh rahe ho.


I've given the link above.. Click it for updated records... The usual website doesn't give all these data. The site is still under maintenance.
It collected more than budget but the distributor share is less than the budget. I am surprised but the criteria for verdicts will be strict for pre-1995 films for sure.


Well Reason Is Budget Is Production Budget Not Distribution Price.

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Sadly ,The film flopped due to too much delay... Nevertheless, The film has got the cult film which very few films enjoy...!!

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Dilwale Overseas Collections And Records.(BOI)
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It has to be at least below average. Budget 2.90 d share 2.38 if we see other films same scenario iit has to be average

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Music rights and satellite right in today's time bro. At that time no satellite right income so how same criteria apply in today's time.


Ru sleeping today's time who buy music rights ha satellite OK. Audio cassette CD time finished in 2005 2007 in early 90s khalnayak subash ghai demand 1 cr music rights and late 90s early 20s rate reaches from 6 to 10cr see old magazines of that time then comment aur aajkal ghane kidher hai Sune laik


Buddy if you include that music and other kind of things still movie gets flop verdict because that amount goes to producers and due to very high budget 37 Cr and just 19 Cr dis. Price still 18 Cr required for the producer to be recover the amount so that is a big deal at that time.


Iam sure know ur sleeping we discuss here aaa not mp common wake up

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In January 6,1995 Screen Weekly Magazine described it as Hit.

Taran Adarsh - neither a hit nor a flop

Producer Vinay Sinha (20 th anniversary),"it managed to do well at the box office'.

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