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Pick Your Choice for the Best Actor and Best Film in 1996 :

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For Best Actor

  • I'll go with Nana Patekar for Khamoshi....
    Can you believe Nana acting without speaking (at the rate of 100 miles per hour) and yelling - which made him famous....
    Whole film Nana acted with his eyes/emotions/expressions to show happiness/anger/sadness/disappointment...and I believe Nana excel in that......

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For Best Film

  • I'll go with Bandit Queen or Maachis - as they dealt with real domestic/social issues at least to make the audience aware abt it (Rest all films u mentioned are commercial ones)....
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by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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No Need To Think Even Once When There Is Aamir Is In The List. It Has To Be Ace.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)

Yeah he was in good in Raja Hindustani but the film wasn't that great. Karishma Kapoor runied the movie with her pathetic acting as she overeacts badly in the film. It would have been better if Raveena Tandon or Juhi Chawla had taken her role.

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Best Actor: Sunny Deol was better as his performance was powerfull although I do prefer his acting in Jeet a lot more. The guy provides a lot of seriesness and emotion into his character proving that he has the intesnity to potray diffrent roles despite shouting.


Best Film: I would have chosen Jeet but it isn't on that list so I will have to go with Maachis as it had a good content backup with a strong script. It's a very underatted movie which is worth watching and if you are Punjabi then I guess you will understand it more. Chandrachur Singh really shines in his debut but its shame that his career fell flat.

by Assistant Director (43.9k points)
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Aamir khan

by Production Accountant (26.0k points)
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Nana Patekar for khamoshi best performance and best film-Khamosi....................

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)


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