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Don't you agree that Khan Trio Together started Dominating Bollywood only after 2009 ?

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The Decade 1990-1999 was dominated by Sunny,Govinda,Shah Rukh and Ajay.Salman had big Success but his Record as a solo Hero was Below Average with Average Openings.Aamir Khan was not consistent in Hits and Openings.The Decade 2000-2009 was dominated by Shah Rukh,Hrithik and Akshay with Aamir striking Big much later in the decade almost at the End.Salman had Average record in 2000-2009.So when people and even Media declares that Khans are ruling and dominating the Industry since last 25 Years,It Brings a smile on my face.There is Only One Khan that Dominated Decade 1990-1999 and 2000-2009 in India and Overseas Shah Rukh Khan and they include Aamir and Salman also which is totally unfair.Isn't It?

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Egjacctlyyyy......1992 to 2008, only 1 khan ruled bollywood i.e SHAHRUKH KHAN. Baaki ke khan jaise ki aamir khan, salman khan, zayed khan, fardeen khan, kamaal khan - ye sab milke producers/distributors ko kangaal banaane ke tareekay dhoondha karte they.......

by Unit Manager (39.7k points)
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Not trio only Duo- Aamir and Salman!..

by Producer (107k points)
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Seriously man.. Agree that Srk was ahead in 1990-99 decade but its also true that he is very lucky in early stage of his carear he got the opportnity to work with big directors, banners (some people may argue because he was big thats why he get big projects if thats true then it also applicable with Aamir working in Dhoom or hirani movies).
In 2000-09 decade we can't say that Srk was ahead from Aamir as in 2000-04 Aamir only have 3 release (2000 was equal for both, in 2001 srk - 1 multistarer blockbuster where Hritik is as big as srk (proof :mission a kahmir vs mohabbatein clash where mission a kahmir takes better opening compare to mohabbatein and as per srkians logic opening depend on stardom proves my point, Ashoka flop is also equal to LAGAAN and dch (which is also a multistarer but saif and Akshay khanna just play the 2nd lead to Aamir).
2005 - Aamir mangal Pandey open and earn better than paheli.
2006 - both Aamir movies fanaa, rdb beat don and kank in Domestic collection.
2007 - srk lead here but Aamir with a very low budget movie tzp did equally good.
No need to say about their records after 2008.
Aamir sir is faaarrrrrr ahead.

by Star (156k points)

FAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ahead.....


Yes bro...
Even srkians realise that but the most funny thing that Baazigar who is sunny deol eklauta fan (sunny deol who lost his stardom in single screens road accident in 2001) trying to boost their morale.

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HAHK was highest grosser of d decade- 90
3 Idiots was highest grosser of decade- 2000
n lastly PK & BB are d 1st n 2nd highest grosser of d deacde 2010..
so yes its unfair to include srk in khan trio Lol..

by Producer (118k points)

Sirf highest grosser se kuch nahi hota bhai.

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Srk dominated 1990's and 2000-2009? hahahahahahaha
Thats why he gave 5 flop films in 1995, along with 2 big hits DDLJ and Karan Arjun.

by Assistant Director (52.4k points)
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No Trio. Only One Khan Dominates. 4 ATB & ATG In 6 Years.

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)
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Khan's are dominating from late 90's to now... Yes in the middle there were some dry periods for Salman but he came back with the best possible way to rule Bollywood now.. Aamir on the other hand is a safe player.. he picks good scripts,works hard on every movie and give audience the product & that's why he is giving blockbusters after blockbusters.. Shah Rukh Khan was completely relying on his fans from his beginning.. at the late 90's & till 2006-2007, he was giving audience what they wants from him, but then the masala era started by Salman's Dabangg and it forced him to do movies like Chennai Express against the opinion of his huge multiplex fan base and it though the movie was blockbusters, it somehow hurted his loyal fans who expects good movies & performances from him...but Srk didn't stop their and made Happy New Year & Dilwale.. I realise that the negativity of Srk had started with the Shiv Sena protests for MNIK, it got huge boost from Ra.One's content failure and then the Wankhede issue & now this intolerance thing, for these things Srk is losing his fanbase and the only way to bring himself back on track is to bring back the actor Srk and quit being superstar Srk.. Ra.One wasn't his fault, it was a humble effort and his dream so even if he would have select good movies after Don 2 he could have still come back strongly and he still can come back strongly.. and when Srk rules he doesn't give anyone else any chance ;) hehe.. doesn't matter, coming back to your exact question, I guess they were ruling in 90's too..Srk dominated the early 2000's and now all Khan's are dominating but Srk though slightly behind looking at the track records of Salman and Aamir...

by Set Designer (2.2k points)
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i would like to disagree with this my Lord 'Shah Rukh Khan was completely relying on his fans from his beginning.. at the late 90's & till 2006-2007' .......should i consider it as SRK giving Romantic films to his fan base??then....late 90s to 2007 Dil Se, Duplicate, Josh, PBDHH, Asoka, 12Ka4, (even though i know Devdas was no way for his fan base but still excluding it), Swades, Paheli, KANK (it was a actually a film about which SRK said right after reading its script 'aur yeh h Rahul/Raj ki maut'), Chak De................
So, my point is......don't blame SRK.....blame our intelligent audience


What Srk was delivering at late 90's were what audience expected from him.. romantic movies are the trend at that time and specially a romantic movie starring Srk is audience favourite at that time..Yes he did some versatile movie and he required that.. One actor can't always do the same genre repeatedly or at some point of time audience gonna be bored of him.. but see the movies you named are most of them flop or average, which means at that time he was relying on his fanbase.. and come on dude what's wrong in that? A superstar always relies on his fans.. whenever he tried to move on from his family audience his movies didn't worked much.. why do you think I'm blaming Srk? When Salman was not giving audience what they want, he was just another star.. SRK was smart enough at that period to become one of the most consistent actor of that period to 2007.. and how can you miss the movie 'Baadshah'


haha.......yeah....i missed Baadshah
but, u r actually endorsing my point of view or we r agreeing that 'but see the movies you named are most of them flop or average, which means at that time he was relying on his fanbase' ............which means SRK from his start of career was doing different films........obviously Romantic films worked for him n didn't work for many other i don't think SRK overdid with romantic genre........every other actor at that time had almost same percentage of romantic films in his career...........but just cz Ram-Jaane was nothing infront of DDLJ.....or Duplicate was nothing infront of KKHH......people/critics used to blame him for overdoing with romance........but he didn't............its just that audience r so intelligent that they missed making Paheli/Asoka even average films leave making them HIT........n for that i blame our intelligent audience

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from 1990-2009 salman - aamir were partially there. srk was on top. so they said about khan trio domination.

by Production Accountant (26.0k points)


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