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Kalpana Comes To Know There Are Goons In Her House. And There Was A Pin-Drop Silence In The Auditorium.

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Sanjay Knocked The Door But Kalpana Had No Other Option But To Keep Quiet, Keep Crying & See Sanjay Leaving.

Now When Sanjay Sees Kalpana's Misscalls, Few shouted 'Nahi Aamir Nahi, Call Mat Karna'

And He Called. Goons Were About To Leave The House But Then Suddenly Kalpana's Phone Rang. 'Ohh Sh!t!!!'

Such Was The Engagement Of The Audience During Ghajini. And Then That Scene...When Aamir Loses His Memory During Fight Sequence In The Climax. 


I Am Talking About Audience's Engagement During Any Film. I Haven't Experienced Anything Like This In Any Other Film. Have You?

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Bhai aise bahut hain lekin yeh scene bada heartbreaking tha........


I Haven't Experienced Anything Like This.

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To be frank....such scenes are very common in Bollywood films...where u r hiding/want to be silent...and something happens (like phone ringing/objects falling/door bell ringing etc) for distraction....sometimes its comic ..sometimes its serious...
yes...that scene/part of the film was intense and well acted by Aamir/Asin ...

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here
To answer ur post specifically for the audience recent times ..

it can be BB climax

That was the highlight of the film and I can bet Audience was so engaged...that they were not able to control their emotions...

enter image description here

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This Scene Made A Huge Impact On BB's WOM. I Found Film's First Half Just Average...But In 2nd Half, As It Was Progressing Towards Climax It Kept becoming More & More Powerful. Climax Was On A High Note....With Tears Pouring In Audi.

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One of the best scenes of Bollywood...even I said Aamir call mat karna....Ghajini was just awesome movie

by Director (121k points)

You Have A Good Taste Of Movie. You Shouldn't Be A Salman Fan.


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