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Shahrukh Khan’s Contribution to Hindi Cinema Unparallel :Ranveer Singh :

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Ranveer Singh says that Shah Rukh Khan’s Contribution to Hindi Cinema is Unparallel and there has never been anyone like him as he is still so humble and grounded.

In an interview with entertainment portal Pinkvilla, Ranveer Singh talks about Shah Rukh Khan and the fact that he hasn’t changed over the years.

“No no SRK has too much depth and range as an actor. Whatever we have seen of Mr. Khan is just the tip of the iceberg. I said this recently about Kareena too but it got misconstrued in the media. She is so talented. They are proper actors and hence they are stars. Because they can connect to people’s hearts is why they are stars. It is just unfortunate that both are films came on the same day the comparisons are inevitably drawn. But there is NO comparison. The man’s contribution to Hindi Cinema is unparallel,” admits Ranveer.

He adds, “There has never been anyone like him. I was hanging out with him yesterday. He is still so humble and grounded. The way he met me when I was a newcomer, he still meets me the same way with equal amount of love and warmth. We don’t discuss films or performances. We talk shit! We talk random rubbish. I mean I can’t reveal… He is hilarious and fun to hang out with. He has achieved greatness. I have worked for 5 years, he has worked for 25 years, which is 5 times the amount of work I have done.”

Credits – Pinkvilla

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Rightly said by Ranveer.SRK has indeed huge contribution.

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