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Its Box Office Public Opinion | Reviews for Dilwale & Bajirao Mastani

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With Dilwale & Bajirao Mastani gearing up for a face off at boxoffice. The most anticipated clash in recent times is here, as the year 2015 is coming to an end. So users, it's the time Itsboxoffice forum makes it voice heard. Do share your reviews for the film(s) you are watching.


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Finally watched Dilwale... itni acchi movie par Ban? Great acting by Ajay Devgn and Raveena & also love this song.. ''Jeeta tha jiske liye''



Thank You brother..... Thanks for the support!


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Okay. I don't know what to say. Not because the film was terribly bad. Neither because the film was amazingly good. But because the film lost somewhere between good & bad...

The Good Part: Film is indeed best Rohit movie. It has everything comedy, action and drama. it has elements for both masses and multiplex audience.

The Bad Part: But the problem is with the targeted audience. It's a Rohit Shetty movie means massy movie. Masses will go expecting an out and out mindless entertainer but they'll come out with a heavy dose of mixture of everything. Everything was perfect for masses till the last 20-25 minutes which focused too much on Srk Kajol and at that time movie lost its targeted audience due to no presence of comedy or action but just typical Srk Kajol thing. Which will be of course liked by multiplex audience but may not go down well with the audience we generally call "Rickshawala Audience" and no I'm not talking about Salman fans..

Plot: Anything I say would be a mistake. Just repeating what you know, Raj & Veer both are brothers. Both belongs to a mafia family but due to some reasons Veer(Varun) & (Raj) decided to leave a peaceful life. Veer doesn't know about their connection with a mafia family.

Direction: Not the typical one I must say. Rohit Shetty has his 'ishtyle' in the comedy scenes but in some scenes you feel like it's a movie of some other director like Karan Johar. His direction was fine.

Performance: Shah Rukh Khan definitely the star of the movie. He shines out in the movie, portraying two completely different characters with two completely different looks. Kajol did a fine job either. She got a strong role and she showed her acting talent here. no wonder she looked younger. Varun in his comic timing was good. His role was though important but not strong. He did best what he can do. Kriti looked good and that's what she did in the movie. Rest of the comedians like Johny, Mishra and Varun Sharma all were good. Though Mishra should've get some better lines.

Screenplay: Screenplay is slow compares to Chennai Express and other Rohit movie and that usual as this movie has more characters and a story, well, this script would have been double of other Rohit movies.

In short,
1) Srk's performance
2) Srk - Kajol chemistry
3) Music works great on screen
4) The story is good, though kinda repetitive but the small twists and turns makes it perfect.
5) The brothers theme will cater family audience
6) Some comedy scenes are really funny. Like the scene before interval and Chintu scene.
7) The Bulgaria part, specially the action scenes were awesome.

1) Bit dragged in some parts, specially in the last 20-25 minutes.
2) The climax part should've been more entertaining for masses.
3) Boman as villain wasn't a good choice. The role should've been more serious with someone like Prakash Raj starring would've been perfect. But Boman isn't suitable as he is known more for his comedy roles.

Overall Dilwale is definitely entertaining but less than CE, But then again as a movie its better than CE. Though the problem is that people expecting a movie like Chennai Express, not a better movie...3.5/5 from me...

by Super-star (169k points)
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Last 20 minutes might not have action-comedy but last 5-10 minutes have action and comedy......... Plus throughout the movie there is lots of action and comedy, plus masses also like emotional stuff man..............


Hope so.............

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Bajirao Mastani
The film starts with declaration that the Peshwa(Bajirao's Father) has died and it's time to choose the new Peshwa..Ranveer's entry in the backdrop of the grand set is a treat to the eyes and and you will realise you are here to experience something spectacular and something extraordinary.
Sajay Leela Bhansali is known for the grandeur and pomp of his sets..This time he has gone notches higher and has lived to the expectations.The tagline of the film was "Love Story Of A Warrior".If you expect the film to be grand in war scenes like Baahubali then you were wrong..The film has war scenes which bollywood has never witnessed but not many.The film is grand in the way the story has been presented and grand in the sets and everything done to recreate that era and in terms of performances by all the actors..Ranveer , Priyanka , Deepika and Tanvi Azmi.
The Dialogues are just mesmerizing..Every Sentence of the film is literally a dialogue and seems royal , majestic and is impactuful to the ears.Hats of to Prakash Kapadia for that.
Ranveer Singh ..What to Say ?? He has given a performance of a lifetime.The Intensity in his eyes..The Bloody Red eyes of Warrior, The Love for Mastani and Passion for mesmerizing.His dialogue delivery is powerful and forces you to clap.
Deepika Padukone Again What to say..?? Her looks are just Killer.She looked majestic on screen...beyond any words of description.I am literally short of words to express her charm,her powerful dialouge delivery, her fiery eyes, her charismatic looks , her intense love for something you can't imagine until you see.
Priyanka Chopra Again What to say..?? Her character was the toughest with shades of Love , Jealousy , Dedication for duty and Anger.She once again proved why she is the most versatile actress in bollywood.Her role is not as much charismatic like Deepika but her role is something that will remain etched forever in your heart.Her expressions are just too good..It's tough to say words without Uttering a single word but in this film Priyanka has managed to do that..Her dialogue delivery is subtle and impactful..although she has got a few ones.
Tanvi azmi Her performance was a powerhouse and worth appreciating.
Mahesh Manjrekar , Milind Suman , Vaibhav and everyone in the starcast did their job exceedingly well.

Coming to the story..
Bajirao has a Peshwa Wife KashiBai..and he marries Mastani(The Princess Of Bundelkhand) born to a muslim mother.She is not accepted by his Mother and Courtiers except a few loyal ones.The struggle and his fight with in own blood is depicted excellently.The conflict of religious views has been in India then and it's now there as well.There's one dialogue regarding religious stereotypes..and how we have cramped our thoughts..Watch the film and figure it out yourself..The climax is not as you would expect..It's impactful but could have been more impactful.The climax lacks that Fire Punch.
Cinematic Liberities have been taken too much.
Sreenplay is tacky.A few scenes are stretched too much and some scenes have been hastily ended..So, it could have been more convincing.Editing is good.Cinematagraphy is mindblowing and makes the film more grand , spectacular and majestic.
Deewani Mastani is easily pick of the lot.The Aina Mahal(The Palace or set) what it is called in the film..looks so splendid on the big screen.Deepika looks graceful in the song..and you would wish the song to never end.
Malhari forces you to tap your feet and it got the best reponse.
Pinga was also a treat to watch..
Ayaat comes in at a very important juncture and is the best song of the film.
Others are good also..The songs are situational but it's kinda irritating that the songs pop up after every 15-20mins.But each song has it's own importance in the film.
Overall the film is an experience you must experience in theaters..It has it's drawbacks but the plus points easily ride over the negative ones..

Bajirao Mastani - 4.5/5

Ranveer - 5/5
Deepika - 5/5
Priyanka - 5/5
Sanjay Leela Bhansali - 4/5

by Super-star (176k points)

Thanks to my friend I watched BM again today.
Even Today show was Housefull.
I was kinna Shocked to see Housefull Theater in weekdays.
Few Old ones were complaining about Historical facts but overall Everyone was Awestruck With Overall Movie-Acting-Sanjay leela bhansali's Effort..


Great...!!.........WOM is. outstanding in Pune,Nagpur,Aurang
abad areas.. I heard.. is it true..??


Absolutely True..Movie Is getting Very good wom all over maharashta.I have friends in Pune and Nagpur.Everyone is Praising BM.Movie deserves all acknowledgement.Even In Mumbai Response is terrific specially In Family audience .Tomorrow(Wednesday) is working day but still 9.30pm show was Housefull!!
I think in Pune and Mumbai movie is getting best response because of Regional Essence.Even In Kolhapur-Sangli Response is Very Good..


That's great... It means the film has struck the right chord with it's prime target audience...!!...

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before i start let me say ..... i was really looking forward to DILWALE.... because i love commercial cinema and rohit shetty is one of the best if not the best commercial masala director out there....


.. its not even half baked product .... its a 1/4th baked product.....seems like it was made on short time one ....and i mean absolutely no one did justice to their roles..... that includes rohit shetty , varun dhawan, kajol was alright.. but . srk looked so awkward in this role..... absolute doesn't even look like his movie.... and the comedians..... WTF..... i loved golmaal, golmaal 3, all the doesn't even look like it was made by the same director..... there is absolutely no match here..... can't even say how johny lever and all others were wasted..... DIRECTOR SHOULD HAVE GIVEN MORE TIME IN PREPARATION FOR THE MOVIE RATHER THAN RUNNING TO FINISH THE MOVIE FOR RELEASING IT ON TIME RATHER THAN MAKING AN ABSOLUTE PIECE OF CRAP.....and then there were parts copied from so many other that 5 min date..from HOW IT MET YOUR MOTHER.... and few other scene / story from other hindi films....

before movie began production.........srk said'll be bigger in terms of canvas than HNY .... it turns out ... he meant "disappointment" by canvas.

movie didn't have that big a canvas.... or a good story .

it had... bad direction ..bad screen play... ridiculous dialogues (absolutely disgusted... with that...because rohit shetty ki movies k dialogues bht bht funny hotay hain...for instance golmaal 3)...and the action was more like a sound effect then action... only car chase in bulgeria was good enough (just good enough not worth praising at all). and that was the only real action scene in the is hand combat.

varun dhawan did this movie only because he wanted a big blockbuster in his filmography... but as he said DILWALE IS A BIG RISK FOR ME...... it really did turn out to be a crap choice.. because the role suited him but the substance in making that role wasn't there.... absolute no scope for him, absolute no substance and only cosmetics ... he took all he flesh of his character in MAIN TERA HERO and put it into this movie.... but here there was only flesh without bones..... and that doesn't stand tall at all.

i wont comment much on srk because its been 5 years he had a good choice in terms of selecting a good script.... so no surprises here... but he past 5 years ... he chose characters where the limelight was absolutely his.. but in dilwale...he's taken a back even from that.... his character in dilwale was what ajay devgan character in golmaal series was..meaning ... HE WAS THERE TO BLEND IN..NOT STAND OUT.... and with all that mesh up of his old movies...its really not ok to give him pass for that... because millions of people expect from him...and he continuous to disappoint them.

honestly i wasn't expecting much from srk but its rohit shetty who made a really really disappointing product... varun dhawan should have stayed away, and srk should have released raees in its place even when most of it was shot even before dilwale began filming... even in HNY srk was more convincing than here in dilwale.... and to put it into perspective...srk wasn't convincing in HNY , so you can judge for yourself what he's doing here in dilwale.

i would rate dilwale 1/5

by Super-star (198k points)

I actually agree completely! I won't give it 1 but 2, lol..but agree!

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Dilwale Review:-
Dilwale is a good drama comedy film to express agood message of love between siblings and sacriface for their happiness, as srk told har kio dilwale nahi hotey, story starts with srk having dreams of past that troubles him alot, the story revolves around the past and present , action scenes in the first half is really good, Srk as badass is much better then srk as simple, first half have kajol moments and best performer in first half but the chemistry between kajol and srk is amazing and unbeatable
2nd half revolves around the present of kajol and srk and thier sacriface for their brother and sister , varun looks dull in first half but gains his rythem back in 2nd half , kriti looks gorgeous but somehow she is wasted here, comedy portion belongs to johnny bhai and mishra saheb they both rocked together, chocha is ok not great like in fukrey, overall there are twists and turns but quite predictable, rohit kept everything simple, and remind you its a totally different movie from other rohit movies , its like karan johar love story with rohit shetty style .songs looks amazing,gerua janam janam and dayre all are good visually and vocally.

Final verdict:- its a good comedy drama entertainer with nothing overdose at some parts rohit lost the plot but again its different movie for rohit and he did a good job

My rating will be 3.5 for movie and .5 for srk and kajol chemistry


SRK:- not best but a very good performance 4/5
Kajol:- She did a really good job perfect 4.5/5
Varun:- lost in first half much better in 2nd half 3.5/5
Kriti:- just wanna give 3/5 for her beauty
Varun sharma:- not exceptional like in fukrey but stoll good 3.5/5
Johnny:- exceptional comedy king 5/5
Mishra:- exceptional oscar saheb 4.5/5
Boman:- wasted 2/5
Others part was equally good 3.5/5
Rohit shetty direction :-4/5
Story :- 3.5/5
Action:- 4/5
music:- 4/5
Comedy :-3.5/5

Overall:- 3.5 but +0.5 for srk kajol chemistry
Dilwale dulhaniya nahi legaee but dil zaroor jeet gaee

by Assistant Director (50.2k points)

That means its 4 stars......
And its Great.........

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Paisa Vasool Movie - You gets for what you pay - Entertainment.
Nice Cocktail of Action, Romance, Comedy, Emotion - it is Complete Entertainer & you will come out of theatre with a smile on your face. A Typical Rohity Package.
Rating - 3.5/5

Review as a Fan - cha gaye shahrukh paaji, dil khush kar ditta.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Audience response?


Response was good, there were laughing out & during some emotional scenes thier was pin drop silence in whole theatre.
After coming out , girls were saying awesome h, some boys saying it good while others calling it as average .
But none talked bad about it

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Humne Paanch Saal Saath Kaam Kya Na Kia, Puri Film Industry He Badmash Bann Gayi

FDFS-streak continues for SRK films....n here Kajol was in the film so can't miss it...4pm show was the first one.....things i was worried about were like inclusion of Johnny Lever, overdramatic dialogues for no reason related to brother relation of Varun n SRK esp. that BHAI SY BARH KR KUCH NHN, Varun's performance being too OTT touching overacting like he did in Main Tera Hero, Rohit Shetty doing same level of direction again etc etc
But almost every thing turned out so well........there were moments where u just feel they r gonna drag the scene n loose grip but they didn't
Its a film for SRK-Kajol fans...i asked a ques to my SRKian-self that did this film deserved SRK-Kajol jodi really or i was right a year ago that they should only do a class film like MNIK again n no Rohit Shetty stuff....n the answer was YES, this film deserved SRK-Kajol jodi n its not for providing them both a platform again to showcase their acting talent like MNIK n sending a message of they being the best at it n winning awards etc but its just for the fact that we are able to see SRK-Kajol jodi in a never seen before ISHTYLE n that too in a very well made film

Story: Its nothing new for a Bollywood fan, but still it is special because of the execution....The way story is told is the way you should see it n thats where story appears very good for a masala film with some twists n turns

Choreography: Now this department has done so well in Gerua, Janam Janam that they deserve special applause....could have easily been better with Manma Emotion n even more so with Tukur Tukur....Overall, they have done an excellent job

Action: Without any doubt it is the best action work of Rohit Shetty by a margin....It is grand....but that grandness, the punches appear average if they are not backed by right kind of characters....So here SRK's character appears as a gem....HUM SHAREEF KYA HOE.....wah wah....kya baat hai teri Shah Rukh Khan ....His character is so good for action that it takes action to another level of entertainment.....Cars flying in Rohit Shetty Ishtyle is what i always enjoy except when he does some lame things but i don't remember any lame action scenes here....yeah, SRK Boman could have done better with punches n made it look more real as they did in Don 2 but its alright....Every action scene is enjoyable to the core.....Bulgaria helped a lot with action n it looked awesome n also Bulgarian action team should also be thanked for making it so good

Acting: SRK's role is obviously what all MARDs will like the most....SRK's acting is very good....he is too good in intense scenes as expected.....special mention for two scenes, First where he sits outside on a bench after Varun being beaten by KING's goons....his eyes, gives u goosebumps....awesome.....Second, where Varun asks ques to SRK after Kajol's injection of bitter past..the way SRK sees Varun, the fear of losing him in eyes, the moment for Raj as a brother...SRK captured it all so well....that scene made me emotional....Then comes Kajol, her performance is very good......she provides that comfort for romance......very good in emotional scenes as expected by her too....her ISHTYLE-scene after car crashings is what everybody in cinema liked a lot....obviously we knew what magic SRK-Kajol did in Gerua but still it lit up the screen even after so many viewings of Gerua already.....their chemistry in Janam Janam is WOW.....coming to other actors, Varun Dhawan did his job very well...he was funny, he was good in emotional scenes n danced well...Kriti Sanon also did well with whatever space she got esp. in the scene BHAI SY BARH KR KUCH NHN....Varun Sharma is too funny, i thought he is having a timepass role as it appeared in trailer but he got a lot more time than expected n entertained in every scene....Johnny Lever was a surprise for me as yesterday night i saw that CHINTU-scene which afraid me of Johnny Lever again given a dull/irritating role as in Golmaal 3 just out of sympathy/tribute to his previous entertaining work...But Johnny Lever was so good, esp. he did so well in that CHINTU-scene also which didn't look entertaining as a dialogue promo....He proved that he can still be as entertaining as he was in 90s....Sanjay Mishra's start was not so good, his dialgoues were not easily catchable in the start but towards the end his role turned into most funny one or atleast at par with anyone else but he got a lot lesser time than what he deserves....Boman Irani had nothing much to act but his character did provide SRK's character more strength, in his limited space Boman did entertain.....Sadly, there is nothing for Vinod Khanna here n even more less for Kabir Bedi

Direction: Oh God.....Rohit Shetty improved this much??......i mean he really proved me wrong that he didn't deserve SRK-Kajol...i thought he will again do that same thing of making a film for 2hours n then for last 30mins making another film with more drama n then combine the Rohit Shetty made it a Drama film with added action n comedy...n thats why his rank as a director for me has gone up (i have not seen Zameen film of Rohit yet so don't know if he was actually good at it n then started making films for business only or he actually tuned himself as a Drama-Director now)....His direction was different here....more mature....He handled brother relation n the SRK-Kajol hatred relation very happy today i am with Rohit Shetty as you can't expect this much from him....n yeah, everyone will enjoy the way 5mins of SRK-Kajol's date are executed

Screenplay: First half is very well written n very fast paced which helps the film a lot....Second half is comparatively slow....Usage of flashbacks is so so so good....Story could not have been even half entertaining if told in a straight manner.....Twist is very well written....Even they make u guess wrong about film by cutting scenes at the right time......Screenplay picks up the moment you feel some emotional scenes are getting too lengthy by the use of right amount of comedy....Screenplay has much better tuning as compared to Rohit's previous films....Songs are used at the right time and editing dept. should be thanked for understanding screenplay's demand n esp. the blessing in form of cut version of Manma Emotion....i was so happy the way editing of Manma was done as they didn't let pace of screenplay getting hurt by the extended version...Yunus Sajawal didn't show this much consistency in CE n i wonder why...e.g. they could just have added a dialogue in CE for Rahul's interest in Women empowerment in the first half of film n climax could have looked easily more real with Rahul's stand for all Indian women.....Characters in Dilwale didn't appear as turning into massy entertainers in the climax n that may not help with Boxoffice but it did make the film much better

Overall: As i said before, its a Drama film with added comedy n action not the other way round....It is different from other films of Rohit Shetty n yet having that ISHTYLE providing better entertainment either in comedy scenes or action scenes....It is funny, it is thrilling, it is emotional...But the biggest fact will remain that it deservingly stars evergreen SRK-Kajol jodi

Rating- 4.5/5

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)

Hum is kind of old fashioned but awesome movie, the real point of the story of Dilwale is actually seen there.


lol............u r a camera loag
atleast i am related to my Accountant


lol! Yaar forum baddalta rehta hai, pehle Rohit ka tha phir woh bhi kuch gadbar hui thi, phir Arfat ke saath our zyadah, matlab points hi barhatta rahoon zindagi bhai...
But who am I explaining, 169 answers as best answers out of 509. Not even half dude, you are an insult. I may have given only 63 answers, but got 41 of them selected as best so no competition in maturity.


hahhah...........paa g tusi great hoo

+6 votes


SRK is Gud as Raj But as KAALI...he is Kickass, Kajol is First Rated, Varun is Superb, Kriti, & Varun Sharma is Gud, Johnny Lever & Sanjay Mishra are Outstanding, Music is Excellent, Cinematography is Brilliant...But The Story is OK.

Rohit shud be applauded for blending all Genres be it Romance, Drama, Action, Comedy into One Package even though The Story is Not Outstanding.

A complete Family Entertainer wit Not a Single Boring Moment. 3.5/5


First I hav rarely seen a Movie as Grand As BM Full Marks to its SETS, Costumes, Each Frame Of the Movie is Creativity Personified...itz Poetic...RANVEER has Given his Career'r Best Performance Deepika is Damn Gud but both PRIYANKA & Tanvi Azmi (Ranveer's Mom) are Outstanding.."A" rated..Music is Strictly Average only sounds Gud in the Movie wit Too many Songs, Screenplay is Average. Direction by Bhansali is Superb in patches cz he Fails to Lift the Film throughout as there are whole lot Boredom.

Last Word If U are a Fan of Historical Dramas,wanna enjoy a Person Vision of reliving a Tragic Love story & can overlook the Entertainment factor...then BM is ur Cup of Tea...Or Else Stay away... 3/5

by Production Designer (15.0k points)
edited by
+6 votes

Finally watched Dilwale. And what I find first that these directors like Rohit Shetty , Farah Khan are 100% overconfident.As some of the movies of them had some good collections in the boxoffice they think they can do anything. I just want to ask Rohit Shetty that how he think to cast SRK-Kajol in this film ? Does he think this script has enough potency to feature bollywoods all time one of the best jodi ?
When I started watching the film I didnt have any expectation that the film will have any logic. Still I find myself in a danger zone to enjoy the film.Film started with two brothers one of them is inocent(Varun) and other is very introvert as he(SRK) was suffering to leave and forget his past life.
That inocent guy had fallen in love with a beautiful girl Ishita (Kriti).Veer(varun) and Ishita love each other and decided to tell it to their family. Ishita said about her love to her elder sister and thus Veer's brother and Ishita's sister met for the first time. The 15 years old past came infront of them and Ishita's sister told Ishita to forget Veer.
Ishita and Veer laterly found that there was some thing between their siblings and they started to find the truth.
Would they find the truth which their siblings tried to conceal from them ? What was that brutal past ? What was the consequence when Ishita and Varun would face the reality ?
If you want to know those questions you have to see the picture.

Script & Story :
Script is not enough strong to bear SRk-Kajol jodi.I m very much upset that this is the jodi which I saw in movies like DDLJ,KKHH,K3g,MNIK. The second life of srk had a villain named King who is as dangerous as a goat.No one will say he is a gangstar. Overall one single frame is not believable.Nither the fear of King nor the srk kajol romance.

Direction & Editing :
Direction is good. 1st half has a speed which is very necessary for this kind of films. A well edited 1st half followed by a slow boring second half.

Acting :
Varun Dhawan is out of control. He overacted like hell.May be he will set a different definition of overacting with this film. May it will be comedy or romance or emotion he never stopped himself to overact.Only good thing he had done in the movie is the dance number manma emotion.
Kriti Sanon is good .But very limited opertunity for her in this script. She left Sing is Bling for this movie . Both are same standard of movie but Kriti atleast had more opertunity in that movie as she would be the main lead.
The only strong point of the movie is the king and queen of bollywood. SRK-Kajol proved that good actors can perform in any platform.In every frame they bring a life in the movie. May be its love, hate or betrayed. Whenever they come together in the film they create magic.But hate scenes of them are more belevable than their love secenes.

Music :
Music is another strong point as every single song Manma emotion ,Gerua, Janam Janam, Dayre, TukurTukur give you some relief between the movie.

Finally I give 2.5/5 to this movie. 1 for Srk ,1 for Kajol and half for the music.

by Production Accountant (26.0k points)
+5 votes

DILWALE - Most entertaining SRK movie since Rab ne bana di jodi.
Plot - SRK as Raj is a car modifier and has a younger brother Veer(Varun Dhawan).15 years before he fell in love with Meera but certain turnout of events and misunderstandings takes her away from him only to meet after 15 years. Add to that love story of Veer - Ishita (Kriti sanon) . What happens to both these couples forms the crux of the story.

Direction and other departments - Rohit Shetty is in his form as he delivers an entertaining film with good dose of comedy and action and romance. He does everything he can to make it his best original movie (Singham was a remake) . He suceeds in it though he could have organised things better like in CE. Also a powerful villain is missing . Rest he does very well . Comedy is good especially a scene in which Varun is told fake story of Raj inspired by TV scenes in background and also Sanjay mishra and Johny lever scenes. Dialogues are well written though are not very heavy . Music is great except Tukur Tukur in the end. Cinematography is top class . Production values are just great.

Performances - SRK despite being a single character plays a dual tone in the movie . His aggressive part garnered a lot of whistles in the theatre. Overall he is very good. Kajol just knocks it out of the park . Just outstanding . Be it looks or expressions she excels in both serious moments and light moments. Varun Dhawan has good screen presence and has handled comedy scenes quite well. Kriti Sanon looks beaiful but has not much to do.Sanjay Mishra and Johny Lever are awesome in comic scenes. Varun Sharma is decent. Rest cast is adequate.

Overall - Dilwale stands tall in one department and that is entertainment. It is a treat for single screen audience and masses . If it can strike a chord with classes which it should then it can be a blockbuster . Unless Bajirao mastani turns out as good as Bahubali , Dilwale will have a comfortable lead over it .

Ratings - 3.5/5 . A complete family entertainer to end the year with happiness and love. Go with your families and you won't be disappointed surely. .

by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
+5 votes

Ok I am Nei A Routine Reviewer nor A Diehard Srk Fan.
So I am Giving Review as A Neutral Person with Audience Point of View..

PreInterval :- Ok If You came for Rohit shetty Movie You will get Some Disappointment.Bulgeria Part was very Slow and Kind of Dragged too much But Other than That Movie is Good N Entertaining in First Half.I wish Rohit Shetty would have given Johny liver -Sanjay Mishra better ScreenSpace in First Half plus Some Light Funny Punch (Mukesh Tiwari and Nawab shah was Completely wasted) in Bulgaria Part.
2.5/5 For PreInterval
PostInterval :-
Now That's What i Call A trademark Rohit Shetty Style.2nd Part was Very Entertaining Just like Rohit Shetty Movie.Post Interval Saved Movie Big Time to become Just a Mediocre Bollywood movie.2nd Half was Funny Full on Action Drama Comedy and Offcourse Romance.
3.75/5 For Post Interval.
Story and Screenplay :- You Should Not Expect Great story or Screenplay From this Gener and Dilwale is Not an Exeption.
Paper thin Storyline and Screenplay was also ok.This Kind of Movie goes with the Flow just like Golmal Series and Chennai Express.

Overall Performance :- I will Start with Kajol;What a Comeback.She was too good.Even today if You compare with Contemporary Heroines;She is way ahead.She looked Beautiful Alignment and What a Performance (Special Mention to That Bulgeria Part-She Nailed it with Her Expression and Style.
Srk :- As Usual He did Good Job But I Seriously Felt That the Charm is lacking In Crucial points Specially In Some Emotional part.Oveall Very Good
Varun :- He is New Age Govinda.He Reminded me of Old Govinda (Initial phase of Govinda like In Hum;Khudgarz;Shola aur Shabnam) His Comic Time was Too Good And He showed again that he can Handle Emotional parts also.
He is Definitely A Lambi Race ka Ghoda.
Kriti Sanon :- Not Much for Kriti but She Did Good Job in Her Role.She looked Beautiful.She Brought Freshness and Glamorous Quotient Very well.Boman Irani Vinod Khanna Kabir bedi had No scope and They did strictly Ok job.
Special Mention :- Supporting Cast .
Seriously ; they Did Great Job Specially Sanjay Mishra and Johny Liver.They are Gem.They Literally Saved the Second Half.Frankly Speaking They are Real Entertainer for Second Half.
Music :- Pritam is Perfect Choice of Movies like this.Every song fits in Situation.Dayre and Janam Janam are Pick of the Lot.
My Opinion:- In My Opinion It's way better Than Srk's Past few Movies.I enjoyed Dilwale more than CE.I was hughly disappointed and in shock after watching HNY But That's Not The case with DILWALE
Public Reaction :- I watched Late Night show (11.30pm) with Housefull Occupancy.Everyone was Satisfied and Happy after watching Movie.Response was Good.Although Bulgeria part was kind of Nightmare and Everyone was Hughly Boared (I heard Many complains Yawn Sound and Felt disappointment aura in that Part) This was bound to happen because They came for Rohit Shetty's movie Expectations.But Everyone Throughly Enjoyed 2nd part.Many Claps and Laughter Noice in 2nd Part.
Rating :- As An Audience I will Give 3.5/5 (.25 Extra For Supporting Cast)
Box Office Verdict :- Movie would have easily Crossed Chennai express or atpar with Kick But Because of Clash Imo Minimum 175cr-185cr is Achievable with such Response. (May Be 200cr Touch and Go ; BO is very Unpredictable You Never Know ;) )

by Director (131k points)
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I wrote Preinterval part is Interval So there is Contrast Difference In Pre and Post Interval.So Just Bear that..

+5 votes

Here Is My Review Of DILWALE
So Here It Is :
DILWALE Means The Persons Who Forgive.
Forgiveness Is The Main Plot On Which DILWALE Has Been
It's All About Forgiveness.
There Is A Need Of A Big Heart To Forgive.
DILWALE Is A Superb Film, Probably The Most Entertaining
Film Of The Year With Lots Of Comedy, Couple Of Action
Scenes, Romance At Its Best And Some Emotional Drama In
The End. A Perfect Family Film.
SHAH RUKH KHAN - KAJOL Chemistry Is Awesome,
Varun - Kriti In Their Best,
Johney Lever Is More Than Awesome With His Comedy, It Is
His Best Performance In Recent Times,
Varun Sharma Is A Surprise Package,
Sanjay Mishra Is Also Very Good With His Comedy Timings,
And All Others Also Gave Their Best To Made Us Laugh.
Besides All Above,
SHAH RUKH KHAN's Action Styles And Expressions Are
Furious. He Has Brilliantly Done The Action Scenes. For The
First Time SRK Has Not Been Beaten Up By The Villains. He Is
Just Awesome In Action Scenes
Rohit Shetty Knows What The Public Want To See And What
Are Their Choice. Rohit Shetty's One Of The Best Direction.
It Has 50% Comedy, 25% Romantic, 15% Actions And 10%
Emotional Drama.....
Overall It Is Complete Package Of Entertainment.
It Has All The Materials Which Is Needed To Make One Of The
Most Entertaining Film.
It Has Comedy, Action, Romance, Emotion.
I Laughed That Much That I Couldn't Stop Myself To Laugh Out
Really Enjoyed The Film.
It Entertained Me Alot.
The Film Was Much Above Of My Expectations.
My Rating :
4.5 / Out Of 5 Stars.
A Must Watch Film For Entertainment Lovers.
I Am Planning To Watch It For 2 More Times.

by Production Accountant (24.3k points)
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DILWALE review

  • Rohit Shetty has tried to mix serious romance and comedy, and the result is he has not been able to do either properly. The transition from romance to comedy and vice-versa is jarring.
  • SRK and Kajol were great, but they deserved a better script. Rohit handled comedy romance of SRK and Deepika well in Chennai Express but he should leave intense romance to Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar.
  • The comedy was clean with no vulgarity - Johnny Lever was great and Varun Dhawan also had great comic timing. Kriti Sanon was pretty but did not have much to do. If Rohit had left the romantic part and gone full comedy throughout the film it would have made the film a lot better.
  • The songs, dialogues, action and the twists were all good but they lacked punch due to the weak script. During CE, most of the scenes were cheered as the film was a comedy throughout but here people struggled to switch between the romantic and comedy tracks. But the comedy tracks got lot of laughs.
  • Pre-interval was poor and post-interval was good.

Rating = 2.5/5
Better than HNY but not as good as CE.

by Assistant Director (46.9k points)
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Bajirao Mastani -A must watch movie. Performaces- 1. #Ranveer Singh-Its an out and out ranveer singh show.I dont have any new word in my small voccubulary how to describe to Ranveer singh's performance.He has given more than 100% dedication for his role as Peshwa Bajirao. 2.#Priyanka Chopra-in one line she has outperformed Deepika padukon as mastani.Though she has less screen space than Deepika bt she has meatier role than deepika.It could have been better if she hasbeen given more screen space than deepika. 3.#Deepika Padukone -firstly acc. to me the title of the film could have been written as Bajirao ki prem kahani instead of Bajirao mastani as i felt she could not given full justice to her doesnt mean that she has delivered a average performance though she has performed very well bt she is completely overshadowed by Priyanka chopra. 4.Rest of the cast-Each and every supporting actor have given full justice to their role

Story -drama is so intense and engagging that no one will that think abt its story.Though this type of story we have seen before also bt the way Director Sanjay leela Bansali has presented is clap worthy. the scenes which i liked very much in the film are - 1. #Background music-This BM will surely give audiences goosebump while watching d film. 2. #Dialogue-In one word O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G.IMO this years filmfare award for best dialogue goes to Bajirao Mastani's dialogue writer.Its d dialogue of d film which makes it a very beautiful movie. 3.#Production design-sets are lavish and very beautifull and it is a visual treat to watch d song "Deewani mastani" on screen. The thing which i didnt liked in d movie 1. #Climax-i am fully dissapointed with d climax as d climax looked fully dramatic which doesnt go well with me. 2. #Too many songs 3. #In some points ranveer singh has delivered his dialogue very fast forwardly which i feel he could have dubbed eith ease for eg "Bajirao ne mastani se.... .." dialogue looked less impactfull onscreen than on d trailer. #Overall my rating is 4/ coulv have been 4.5/5 if climax was better. My two prediction-Ranveer singh is d top contender for best actor and d dialogue writer of d film for Filmfare awards

by Location Manager (8.0k points)
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Well not be talking anything about story and stuff..Directly coming Dilwale is decent entertainer which will be liked by those who just demand mindless entertainment...
SRK and Kajol are only reason why film didnt fall flat..Especially Kajol she is having Strong Screen Presence.Varan and Kriti did well.Some comedy scenes are really good and some scenes fall flat.
Rohit's faulters in Direction this time thats biggest Minus Point..
screenplay is badly written.Its like 'Kabhi bhi Kuch bhi start ho jata He'...
Watch its only if you want to witness SRK-Kajol or love Mindless Masala Entertainers.

As SRK fan i even liked HNY more then this..

by Super-star (161k points)
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After 2 days of observing so many reviews....i went to watch bajirao mastani! I would say i am a bit disappointed with mvie! Sanjay leela made decent mvie here not very par type like ppl are saying best movie ever after mughal-e-azam! This movie dont even stand in front of Jodha-Akbar forget mughal-e-azam! Yes better mvie than ram-leela but again here casting from has dented the mvie from my side! Ranveer singh was trying very hard to be like bajirao but failed completely! His acting easily can be seen in first half of the movie itself while his dialogue gives a very negative feel like man makers should have taken some mature actor for this role! For instance...ajay devgn would have nailed in this role! He would have even performed marathi dialogues very well (that we have see in singham). Deepika looked beautiful but beauty wont help every time to sustain in this mvie...she didnt quite performed well in this one....her classical dance sequances clearly gave feeling why aishwarya was the perfect choice for this role...she would have given best adaein that is required in classical dance! Priyanka chopra here do justice to her it wont have been difficult for her to perform marathi manas here as earlier she has acted agneepath same! Music except one song deewani-mastani all are below average! Sanjay leela here is the winner of the mvie! Wont he had cut the length of the would have bombed at box office completely and we would have seen another sawariya b.o. Result in this clash also! Action,vfx and locations are very good! I give it 3/5...might they had made this big budget mvie with better star cast...mvie might have changed preception to another par level!

by Production Accountant (25.4k points)
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Bajirao Mastani - Worst Period historical movie ever made in the history of World Cinema.

First of all, I am not going to write my review on solely bases of "Oh My, how grand was the sets" or "Oh my god, look at the costumes" or "Visual treet" bullshits. I was looking for a better story. There are escapes when you are making mindless entertainment, but you cant show us bullshits in the name of Grandeur Magnum opus Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Story starts with a "Taj Peshi" of our Bajirao Peshwa in the presence of Chattrapati. Bajirao succeeds to impress everyone by giving a small exam and he becomes the Peshwa after his father and starts to defeat opponents. Bravo. Within First 10 minutes Bajirao defeats half of India's rulling Mughals. Anyways I still continued to watch further and to my horror surprise Deepika enters to ask for help from Bajirao to help save their "Bundel Khand" which was under attach from Mughals. After a little fights between Deepika (Mastaani) and Bajirao's Man, Deepika succeeds to kill couple of Bajirao's man, until our Hero kicks Deepika to ground, its when Deepika's "Helmet" drops off and everyone realizes that it is a female who was spreading Chaos all over. Bajirao (After seeing Female) agrees to save Bundel Khand from Mughals and its when you will see some 300 style slow motion Horse riding with horrible face expression from Bajirao and Mastani. Anyways I was tolerating all this as I heard many positive things from Media and People.

So Then starts arguably the most horrible and third class war scenes that has every filmed in the history of World Cinema, within 5 minutes you will see Bajirao Flying in the air and killing a Mughal which was on Elephant for your information. He kills and thats it....Victory...WOW.

I will not tell the story further, as from here on it gets worse and worse. There starts a horrible Love Triangle like every other Sanjay Leela movies. It was hard to sit through the movie. Why, I mean why people are liking it? Just because of sets? its utter bullshit.

Performance wise, Ranveer as Bajirao, He totally sucks. His dialogue delievery does not even match 1% of any king or brave ruler. You will literally laugh in some scenes seeing that Ranveer's inability to speak long dialogues. He gets tired when it comes to delivering a long dialogue. Leave him aside, both Heroines have nothing much to do. Priyanka just wears Mahrshtra Style Sari and Hoovers around the "New Mehal that was built in Pune", she sometimes cry and sings song too. And I will not speak about Deepika at all. She is just plain horrible with straight face and in action scenes she does not look good at all.

I am surprise by the response this movie is receiving. This is utter bullshit that people are just going to movie for sets and they are not aware how boring the story is. Well it is definitely not at all my cup of tea.

Seeing many Historical movies from different part of the world, I rate this Movie "Minus" stars. This is the most useless historical waste of money bullshit.

by Production Accountant (22.9k points)

I Dont Comment on Movie but Trust me:- Your Review was Way More entertaining than Past Many Comedy
Priyanka just wears Mahrshtra Style Sari and Hoovers around the "New Mehal that was built in Pune", she sometimes cry and sings song too

The Rock Rocked the Review


Well rock u r salman khan fan u cannot digest this type of crap historical drama.

+3 votes

As a fan... I loved the film. Already watches 2 times... Will watch again after few days.
But.... If m not SRK fan... Then I will say... Movie is not good. The main problem.... Story of the film and Very very weak climax. I cant imagine.... The climax gonna so weak. Boran Irani the main villain... Just small fight at the end.
Whenever SRK film have weak climax... Causes lots of damage in terms of BO business.

Performance - -
SRK... Awesome performance as Kali and Raj. 5/5.
Other actors also did excellent performance.

Direction & Story - - very poor direction and weak story.

Music - Great. Best one Jana Janam and Dayre.
Action - - Mind blowing.
Comedy - - it's good but not great.

Overall - -
Dilwale... Is really one time watch movie. It's mainly due to very weak climax. Awesome first half... Twist n turn... And many goose bump scenes.
But... Story become little flat with the start of 2nd half... And as film progress... Story seems flat... But the presence of SRK.. The song Janam Janam... Dayre... Brotherhood scene... save the portion of 2nd half.
Now all.... Depends on climax. But what.... Only... Short action and BOMAN as villain. Oh no...!!

I am feeling sad... As I am King Khan fan. I want good climax atleast.
My rating - -
2.5/5. (3.5/5 as SRK Fan).

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Watched Dilwale last night
well not going to write any big review, will give only rating.
My honest rating is 3/5,
enjoyed almost same as Chennai Express and sightly higher then Happy New Year
In Chennai Exprees SRK-Deepika chemistry and realistic action was great, in Happy New Year only heist part was great and here in Dilwale SRK acting as Kaali(the angry young man) and action/chase scenes were great
A good enough family entertainer

Watched Bajirao Mastani too My rating is 4/5, one of best film of the year, liked this film from my heart really, to make such film you need so much energy and dedication, and the makers had this, direction was good and war scenes too,Priyanka's performance was really great, loved her performance Ranveer, Deepika was good in their respective role, overall a very good made by Bansali

by Director (129k points)
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Just one word to describe the movie 'Marvellous'.What a mindblowing movie.Kudos to the whole team.Loved every frame of the film.You just can't take your eyes off the screen.Ranveer's entry was simple but still gave goosebumps.He has given a performance to remember as Bajirao.Deepika as Mastani was the soul of the movie.She looks stunning and delivers to max potential.Watch out for Deewani Mastani song.Priyanka doesn't have much screen time but makes use of whatever she got and did a fantastic job as Kashi.She talks just with her eyes.All supporting cast did great.The war scenes were epic although there's just 2.I wanted more.Many dialogues were clapworthy and got big whistles and cheers.The sets are grand and epic.Its a visual treat.All that glitters is indeed gold.The climax was just ok.Could've been better.Cinematography and direction is excellent.Again kudos to SLB and whole team.My rating 4.5/5.


by Super-star (189k points)
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You didn't watch Dilwale?? #Shocked


Dekha hain bhai.Its decent time pass entertainer.Thats it.My review would've been same as others gave for Dilwale.

+3 votes

Bajirao mastani is a treat to watch, hats off to mr bhansali for showing sheer poetry in motion on screen, the sets, production values, everything is exceptional. In terms of acting ranveer is impeccable, deepika looks stunning and priyanka also gives a power packed performance. The screenplay is taut and keeps you engaged throughout. But the man who deserves most credit is bhansali himself. His painstaking effort is evident in the film. More such films need to be made and glad that bollywood is making such films.

Rating- 4.5/5.

by Mega Star (225k points)


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