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Its been 8 films since Om Shanti Om (2007) that every film of SRK is not only a clean Hit but every film is in Top 5 of overseas charts.........Will Dilwale cross fifth-grosser MNIK standing at $23million n make it atleast to Top 5 again n streak will continue??Predict
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If CE can do $19m then i can expect Dilwale to do $25M..Its SRK-Kajol film that too on Christmas..UK and UAE will be best perfomer Both this circuit will be highest grossing ever.

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and it ended with FAN though $10 million plus Overseas lifetime grosser since My Name Is Khan will likely to continue as always :)

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insane craze for dilwale. srk will do it. just wait nd watch.

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SRK-Kajol factor is most important! Overseas audience just loves this jodi! Despite that it's SRK's second collaboration with Rohit after super blockbuster Chennai Express.There is youngsters like Varun and Kriti.Music is huge hit in overseas.Audience ko aur kya chahiye! I'm expecting minimum 25 mn even after clash!

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It continued, congrats, despite such negativity dilwale is going to beat MNIK in overseas and emerge in top5 highest grosser, and you know what, despite his hit streak ending ( :( ) overseas audience haven't failed SRK.......
This is despite facing heavy competition from biggest movies Star Wars FA, and another Bollywood movie BM
And USA underperformed badly, if USA would have performed well then it would have done even better.........

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Heading for $27mn plus lifetime in first phase. Might beat $28.2mn of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)(clap)..........i m so happy...........i just hope FAN also does dhamaka overseas which it can it is not just a thriller like Don 2 which is a routine thing for overseas audience n maybe thats why even on christmas 2011, it didn't do any wonders.........but FAN looks like having a very good n different character FAN....which can help overseas audience to look at it differently than what they see from Hollywood.....hopinggggggggggggggg


Don2 Didnt Do Wonder???
$11.5mn Third Highest First Phase Collection That Too Competing MI4.


aray competing hollywood film???what is that yaar............three idiots did 15million with Avatar........howz that?????i m not saying that it doesn't effect......but not by r different na..........Bollywood films r gonna be watched no matter what comes from Hollywood
n yeah, it was not a big was a solo Bollywood released in less than one year named JTHJ coming on such a bad period like November( Diwali) clashing with Son Of Sardar did almost 14million............CE not even two years of difference did 19million...........Don 2 even after coming on Christmas(best period of year) did only 11.5mn.......n even after being such a fantastic what i think is that u make a Hollywood kind of film, it will work if it has some Bollywood part,.........Don 2 had nothing different from a Hollywood film so it was not that people didn't see a film like Don 2 already by Hollywood...........................whereas FAN has some different character, hoping that Gaurav clicks with everybody cz going by now how film is gonna be, it is a non-Bollywoodish film which can hurt it even in overseas

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