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Low budget movies can still have massy elements and if well made... with good original songs... can still work at box office... Like Kabir Singh
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If srk do love you zindagi in today's time, released on some random Friday, what will happen to it?
Would not had work...
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Budget should not be an issue here.. Its the content that matters....  Though selfie had somewhat content in it but it lacks the novelty factor. And it really felt like a fake or spoof type of films... And i m completely agree with BOI on this
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China is dumping electronic goods here at dog shit prices. At 30-35k any body could buy FIFTY FIVE inches tv. Why public should spend so much money for theatrical experience when  they can get almost same thinng at home or almost similar experience at home? I could just turn off the lights and sit few feets away from  UHD TV on some cheap bean bags and get almost same things for free if I wait for few weeks.
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Less about budget, more about genre and packaging.

Look at Jug Jug Jiyo, it wasn't a flop, it was Average, it had good looking production values, decent enough songs and it found a bit of audience to not be a flop. And it was not even a Mass movie it was urban movie, if an urvan movies can do that, so can a universal movie.

What movie need to do is made more commercial for wider set of audience, budget can be small, but appeal should be more, make such movies and then see.
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Kiara is like the katrina of late 2000s . Great good luck. Who knows people went to watch JJJ due to kiara advani
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Ahh...have to start all over again?? I thought everyone was gone during the pandemic.. anyways now the king is back so it was normal to see the fans coming back also. Unfortunately my favorite actor has decided to take a hibernation for who knows how many years...
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I hope not.

Also, aren't the big budget films flopping left and right too? And, If big budget films continue to fail at the box office, I believe Bollywood will be compelled to produce content-oriented, low-budget films. In my opinion, this is the next step in Bollywood's evolution. 

Historically, Bollywood has had a steadfast notion that only extravagant, high-budget films with audacious sets and shooting locations can attract audiences. However, this mindset has had a negative impact on the industry, as it discourages the production of high-quality, low-budget films, which in turn perpetuates the audience's preference for big-budget films.

We need to, as an industry, shift towards content-oriented films to compete with South Indian films. Unlike Bollywood, most South Indian films (such as Mollywood, for example) are fueled by strong writers. I feel that Bollywood does not empower its writers and instead focuses on superficial elements such as item numbers, cameos, and dance numbers in exotic locations. This approach often involves high costs, in addition to paying a hefty fee to the lead actor, resulting in films that are doomed to fail at the box office. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS: To be clear, I'm not saying Bollywood should stop making extravagant films entirely, as they are a part of Bollywood's identity. However, I believe the industry should take recent trends as a learning point and consider supporting and encouraging content-oriented films. There is a clear audience subgroup left untapped due to the lack of quality films, and I think Bollywood has the potential to tap into this audience by producing more content-oriented films alongside its more extravagant offerings.

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I think it is more about economics.If  3 persons go to any pvr in hyderabad then they have deal with the traffic, buy 800 worth of tickets, spare 5 hours for the outing . ..and if u buys some food in the intervel it will cost  thousand plus .. So now what they do is they score some stuf  and chill in front of their smart Tv .
Yeah, but Pathaan has proven that people are willing to shell out big bucks if the content on offer is enticing to them. This shows that the audience is willing to come out of their rooms if the offering is good.

Therefore, I believe Bollywood should produce more content-oriented films that they can offer at a good price to keep the audience engaged until a big event film can come and capitalize and rake in the big bucks.