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Hrithik Took Dhoom To All Time High Whereas Our 8ft Khan I Mean 9 Hit Khan Got Aided From Dhoom Brand.

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Hrithik+Dhoom= BB
Aamir+Dhoom= ATBB

Chota star Srk+Don= Hit

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any source please and it doesnt make an sense at all give atleast a meaning full logic third khan fan

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Year 2006
Krrish 75 cr
Dhoom 2 80 cr
Both movies lead actors Hritik

Year 2013
Krrish 3 - 180 cr (Hritik)
Dhoom 3 - 261 cr Aamir

Proved Aamir khan take Dhoom brand to another level but what about don series which never become a brand due to yrf+dharma made little little star...
Now don't mention what srkoi. Com said as nowdays srk can only compete by using cheap tactics, old star.

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