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* The Hindi film industry or rather Bollywood has over the past 100 years evolved from silent films to more visually, audibly enhanced medium of entertainment.
* Rentrak Corporation, the Global leader in Box Office measurement, with foot prints in over 64 countries, including USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and China, and serving the most recognizable players in the industries.
* In January last year Rentrak start its operations in India.

* Rentrak India MD Rajkumar Akella - "Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world with over approximately a 1000 films being released each year and over 3 billion admissions annually, however, in the case of some of the biggest blockbuster films it is approximately only 2% of the entire audience that actually watch a film in theatres, and yet we see such massive collections, as compared to the American industry wherein a film on a similar scale is viewed by approximately 24% of the audience"
-"Now imagine if we could manage to encourage or rather target with more precision and entice more audiences to frequent cinema halls. Even another 2% increase in overall theatre going audience will obviously change the outcome and eventually the course of film collection history for Bollywood. At Rentrak this is one of the goals we look to achieve within the industry.
*  Arturo Guillen [Vice President for Europe, the Middle-East and Africa] - "Rentrak already has the technological base to collect Box Office information from over 125,000 screens in 25,000 theatres across 64 countries on a daily basis and we are doing this. In India, we are looking at approximately 9000 screens, so from a technological stand we have the knowledge and resources to provide comprehensive data and analytical tools to ascertain what a film could do, should do and does in terms of box office business.
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Damn it! means I'm in the 2% amongst 3 billions...feeling great 8)

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That is true. No matter what you hear but India is a poor and under developed country. People are poor so spending 1500 bucks just for a movie seems to hard for families.

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