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How many of you think that Dilwale has no Chance of touching the 200 Crore Nett Mark in India ?

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in Movies by All Time best! (326k points)

According to Me around 215-225 Crores Blockbuster.


If wom is good then definitely it has a chance....but doubt it with even mixed wom...

5 Answers

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With good WOM,Dilwale will definitely do 200 crs.
1st week-130 cr
2nd week-55 cr
3rd week-15 cr
Remaining weeks-10 cr

by Super-star (189k points)
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+4 votes

According to me it will not Cross Tanu weds manu.....

by Location Manager (6.8k points)

Hahahahaha next joke plz.


Like CE not crossing Ready.................

+2 votes

It's difficult but not Impossible.
Considering Clash and Screen share i seriously Doubt movie will cross 200cr.Even if movie get BB status that will be Big Achievement for Dilwale..

by Director (131k points)
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300 crores is cakewalk for dilwale..#todenge taale dilwale

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)

even haters expecting 300 Cr with clash jo solo release ne great content k saath mar mar k cross kia. iss ko bolte hain star power.

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Dhoom 3(2013) 275cr with mixed wom...... No Comedy Nights, Big Boss etc

Don't tell me now that Dhoom brand is bigger than Shetty+Promotions+Shahrukh(Biggest Brand acc to u)+Kajol+Varun(Abcd Around 15cr) on a non holiday

by Producer (107k points)

Hahahaha what a reply man u tooo good


aamir ko pata hai na k agar woh aise reality show mein jayega toh pheeka rahega. He said it himself that he doesnt have that kind of WIT. He would bore the audience. he is only good when it comes to preaching even with that he is a hypocrite. Isi liye woh salman ko bola promotion k liye. SRK is his own man. He will go to the show himself to promote unlike aamir jo salman ka stardom use kar k promotion karwata hai


Right now even Srk is using Salman's stardom by Personally going to Bigg Boss. Already his team went once lol..... We all know Kaun kiska stardom use kartha hai.

Right now, Shahrukh has no stardom.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. OMG this is too funny


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