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Some facts need to know before Dilwale-Bajirao Mastani clash!

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1.Varun Dhawan is still to find one average or flop film.. he has 5 big hits in a row.

2.Ramleela solo release hit music 3300 screens had 15 cr first day . deepika returning from Chennai express, YJHD, RACE2.

3.SRK has never ever been beaten by any other movie actor during a clash.

4.Record grossers with clash 1)KKHH 2)GADAR 3)OM SHANTI OM       4)CHENNAI EXPRESS.SRK HAS 3 OUT OF 4 record grossers at clash !

5.SRK did beat Aamir also in 1995 when Ram Jaane had beaten Akele hum akele tum.

6.KKHH could have emerged record grosser beating DDLJ/HAHK if there was no clash with BMCM in 1998.

7.Mohabbatein became blockbuster /HGOTY even after clash with Mission Kashmir in 2000.

8.Veer Zaara emerged HGOTY even with a clash with Aitraaz in 2004.

9.SRK did beat salman in 2006 when DON had beaten Jaaneman.

10.Om shanti Om could have crossed 100 cr in 2007 only if there was no clash with Saawariya in 2007.

11.CHENNAI EXPRESS crossed 200 cr and became blockbuster even if there was clash with OUATIMD/MADRAS CAFE in 2013 consecutively after 1/2 week after release.

12.Rohit shetty is only director apart from hirani whose movies trend for 4-5 weeks with good collection.

13.Golmaal Returns emerged Blockbuster with clash against Fashion in 2008.

14.All the Best emerged Super Hit with clash against BLUE in 2009.

15.Golmaal 3 emerged Blockbuster with clash against Action Replay in 2010.

in General by Production Accountant (23.2k points)
  1. 5 Big Hits lol ( 2 films are Semi Hit)
  2. Year 2001 - Indian>>>Ashoka
  3. All The Best was a Semi Hit

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i was very excited before clicking on ur post on facts abt Dilwale BM clash,bt really dissapointed with this post,are bhai its known almost to every1.

by Location Manager (8.0k points)
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SRK fans dig into the history books to convince that his immortality .... while he remains near the top, the top stop eludes him ..... his movies are now No. 3 or No. 4 every year ..... year after year for last 10 years

by Location Scout (4.3k points) 1 flag
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Kya Faltu baatein....Clash Started mattering after 2009 .......Lol....G3 needs to be given credit for Blockbuster Business in 2010....Lets see if Dilwale could be Blockbuster with Such Huge Buzz

by Director (121k points)


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