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Farah Khan is all set to direct a film for her friend and producer Shahrukh Khan. And the script of the film is ready. It’s a two heroine concept film. 

Farah had earlier said, “It’s a younger love story, which Shahrukh is very excited about and he really wants me make it. It is not a small budget film as being reported. As compared to ‘Happy New Year’ it maybe smaller, but it is a big film, too.” 

There were reports of Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt being a part of the film. However, Farah had denied the reports. 

Talking about the film, Farah said, “Yes, our film is a two girl subject. It is not just a love story, it's more than that, it’s a kick-*** theme. We are highlighting several women-related issues. Today the script has got ready, we still have to read it, start working on it and make it. Shahrukh and I will read it together. Right now he is busy with the release of ‘Dilwale’ and I don’t want to hound him. Let ‘Dilwale’ release and once Shahrukh is free, we will sit together and discuss every aspect of it.”  

"There have been lot of speculations about the film's casting, and it's lovely to know that people are really interested in talking about our film, but no, we haven't fixed upon it yet. We will soon search for suitable actors," she added. 

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baklol hone wala hai firse..... lol :D #Waiting

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SRK will just produce it, not act in it, maybe a cameo, but not more then that......

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