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Just a brief look at his Hindi movies alone,

Ram Gopal Varma

He debuted into Bollywood with Shiva (1989), the Hindi remake of his own Telugu hit Siva.

This was followed by several movies which introduced the audience to the creativity infact RGV's kind of films. The films included Drohi with Nagarjuna again & then Raat with Revathi, a terrific horror film. Both the films were bilingual & both were not successes.

Then, RGV came up with one of his best film, Rangeela. Though not a big success it helped create the brand, called RGV. But he followed it up with a flop, Daud. Though not a bad film, people were simply weren't ready for this.


The man is not known to back away. The failure of Daud didn't shake him at all. He went back to his roots, came up with the film that went deeper inside the gangster world. With Satya, his Shiva seemed to be just a showreel. Again, he was kept waiting for the box office success but RGV had successfully established himself as one of the best directors in India.

He then went back to his experimentation mode, not caring for the box office success. This is what gave us Kaun, Mast & Jungle. With his lady luck, Urmila starring in all the three films there was no looking back for him. Whatever the box office verdicts might be, the one thing which was common for these films were the critical acclaim. Plus the commendable thing was, all these varied genres films released in a span of 2 years, 1999 & 2000.

With Jungle, he tried to repeat his luck he had in the Telugu blockbuster Kshana Kshanam (his all time best) & forget the failure of Daud. After this he went back to his usual gangster drama to give one more superb film, Company. After Company, he wanted to romance the horror genre again, a genre which he adores. He gave Bhoot, one of the most memorable films in the horror genre.


Downfall of RGV -

Post Bhoot, his lady luck was replaced. Sure he gave few good films here too but the majority ones were just the product of his arrogance. His arrogance to prove he is right & his arrogance to prove that he's always right. With this came the movie which was made to only showcase Antara Mali as the next Urmila.

This was followed by a really well made film, Sarkar. His association with Big B, probably made him give another good film, Nishabd. After that, notable films were, Darling, Rann & Rakht Charitra-1. Even his Agyaat was not that bad.

But now, it's not these movies which RGV is remembered for, it's the wrong movies which he's forcefully feeding his audience for the reasons best known to him.

RGV lacks what his counterparts, The Bhatt brothers have.

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Good info dude,can u compare RGV & MANI u compared katrina & deepika earlier..


The plan was to compare RGV, Mani & Priyadarshan together in this post. But it got lengthier so edited it to only RGV & removed Mani & Priyadarshan's Hindi career analysis.

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I think a director who has seen both sides of the coin but to be honest his poor spell has really over shadowed his good time and now he has completely lost his touch but his films had thst edge which you can ee and say yes this directed by rgv but now he is so down that only a miracle can bring his touch back...

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Thanks for sharing this info but one thing i dont understand why people finance his movies knowing that its going to be flop.

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Well almost all of them are extremely low budget films. Even the movie fails at the box office they'll earn it through other means. And most of his films get dubbed too. A 10cr film making 2-3cr in it's box office run will not find that tough to make the remaining amount by other means. And also, RGV himself will be one of the producers for his films.

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So, after Rakhtcharitra he was bitten by some bug..(bug) which ate away his brain and made him make craps like Shiva ,Aag and planned to ruin his own films like Sarkar , Bhoot , Satya...
I seriously think he had some surgey and his brain was replaced by someone else's...!!

His Attack's of 26/11 this year was not that bad...but was watchable.!!

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Not just the box office, but even the critics reviews say otherwise. It got 1 star rating too & was heavily panned.

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I thought phoonk & raktacharitra 1 were hit because of good collections at AP boxoffice

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Rakht Charitra 1 got involved in the controversy in AP. It barely managed to break even. Phoonk didn't become a hit in Andhra, it was later remade to Telugu as Raksha starring Jagapathi Babu & even that was not a success.

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