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HNY 2nd fri 4.5 cr,PRDP 3.75-4 cr.So HNY had better WOM?

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in General by Super-star (189k points)

Friday - 4,25,00,000
Saturday - 6,75,00,000
Sunday - 9,25,00,000
Monday - 3,00,00,000
Tuesday - 4,00,00,000
Wednesday - 2,83,00,000
Thusday - 4,07,00,000
Total - 34,15,00,000

But Now BOI new Data say - 35,38,00,000 means Boi increse 1.23cr for HNY in final figure update


to compensate the Day 1. ha ha ha

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No both are having similar WOM. Its just that HNY was 8th day and PRDP is 9th day. There lies the difference. HNY is slightly ahead with few lacs but thats coz it was its 8th day and PRDP 9th day but WOM for both films are SAME.
Lifetime of PRDP will be little higher than HNY thats because of that extra holiday in weekend which gave PRDP 25-26cr in Lifetime. Otherwise it wud have done less than HNY (10cr) or similar .

by Producer (114k points)
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Prdp is facing competition from sanskari bond while for happy new year - two open week even in 3 rd week hny faced very easy competition from shaukeen while for prdp bad luck , tamasha is releasing..
Keeping all these factors in mind even 175 lifetime is a good result for prdp ..

by Star (156k points)
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No HNy released on friday.PRDP on thursday. You cant compare like that.

by Production Accountant (26.0k points)
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Yup .....HNY had better won than PRDP...PRDP was rejected movie from day one by youths...Whatever it collected was due to Family audience ...

by Director (121k points)

It got 4 day Weekend Warna 25cr minus Kardo 4th Day Ka !!


It was Never Meant For Youth !! Alwayz Targeted For file audience , But I saw Joint Families Of 20-30 people In Huge numbers To watch The Film Due To Sooraj Barjatya - Salman Khan Combo !! Sab HAHK expect Kar Rahe The

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Acc to Producer :
PRDP 2nd Fri (Day 9) - 5.50cr [Day 8 (2nd Thu) - 7.37cr)
Hny 2nd Fri (Day 8) - 5.26cr [Day 9 (2nd Sat) - 7.46cr]

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)


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