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Selfie collected a very poor 2.50 crore nett on day one which is the lowest Akshay Kumar opening probbaly since 8 x 10 Tasveer in 2009,in real value it is probably lower than that film. There is actually not much to say about the number as the number itself says it all. The fate of the film was pretty much on the cards when the trailer hit and though the opening is half of what it should have done it would have not really made much difference if the opened 4-5 crore nett.

The film has the presence of Akshay Kumar but when a big star is not presented well as a hero today and on top the film is like Selfie then that star value is of a little use. Selfie is a film in a similar zone to An Action Hero (2022) where the public knows the hero is playing a film hero in the film so the commercial elements are going to fake and not part of the story which puts into the head its a fake type of film or spoof type film which it may not be.

Akshay Kumar had the most HITS pre pandemic but with the changing profile of the audience it has gone the other way now. A lot of these films have been greenlighted in that Covid19 period as it was probbaly assumed the same zone of cinema will still work post pandemic which has not turned out to be the case. There are still 3-4 of these films left in various stages of production and will be completed and have to be released. The problem today has become that if a film has no mass reach then it just cannot justify a big star in that film in terms of box office numbers.

The best way out is direct to digital but there is a huge downturn there in terms of revenue. Also all this does is hide the result. Its like you have these crap shows like Farzi and Night Manager being lauded over the last week or so and Selfie could have joined that brigade but now it has the box office hanging over its head which never lies. A film like Cuttputli was said to have set records on digital and it may have but what is the competition and Selfie could have beaten these records. Going that route can give perception but eventually people and the naked eye does not lie the irrespective of what is said.

As far as Selfie goes now there is not much to say. The film should grow over the weekend and it may even grow well but due to the initial it does not really matter.
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This guy is compared to the mighty Khans by his delusional fan base. Comparable to Ayushmaan Khurana now. 
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Is Hashmi saab so irrelevant nowadays that there is not even a mention of him anywhere? 
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Don't worry. Hashmi Saab has tiger 3 to bring back some lost glory. Need to worry about poor Akki now.
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Superstar Akshay Kumar for a reason.
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He should only be called as a comedy superstar.
Ab to comedy bhi nahi kar pa raha.
At the time of Bacchan Pandey I had realized that he has been over exposed... And it would keep getting worse

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