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It will surely cross Bahubali 2 now as there is no major release for coming weeks plus after selfie is a disaster all the  major single screen allotted to shehzada and selfie will be given to Pathaan from this sunday ... it just needs to do business of around 3-4 crs in coming 5 days of weekdays and then week 6 needs to be around 4-5 cr ... my prediction will be 513-515 cr final numbers ... although in reality it wont matter as producer and trade figures are almost same with some 3 4 cr gap and YRF are considered one of the most trustable production house so when it crosses producer figures of Bahubali 2 which is much possible then it will be all over media and it will be considered as Pathaan Dethroned Bahubali 2 big time ... Merely 10 percent people know about BOI figures and all ...

although it will cross Bahubali 2 with both Producer and BOI 
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As a Hashmi fan and and aamir admirer I would have felt jealous in 2017 but looking at what he has gone through in the last few years, i feel happy that srk got a super successful film. So congratulations to me and Srkians. 
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Still think it's early to say this, especially after we saw what BOI did with Happy New Year Opening Day.

But if actuals hold them it can cross BB2 in March, It will be 2nd movie after TJMM as Shehzada and Ant Man are over and Selfie is also looking like that.

And also it should keep running in mass centres for few more weeks, so let's see.
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Saturday doubled up from Friday. Don't doubt. It's sure to cross Bahubali 2 Hindi figures too and BOI will be high on dopamine writing the article.
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Congrats to all SRK fans. They've waited for a long long time and the result is beyond everyone's expectations. 
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